Hope of Light

Before you start reading this blog,I want to say thanks from bottom of my heart as I know in this fast world people hardly get time  for anything and  reading is consider a time taking job. So thank you very much for giving your precious time and reading my blog may this will be a worthy experience
Wish You A” Happy Reading “

Today I start with the name of my blog”Hope of light ” here I want to tell You why I choose this as the name of my blog & what I want to tell or write through this blog.
During few years I get chance to travel a lot and during my journey I met lots of people and get chance to interact with them. The thing which effect me or I would say which strikes my thoughts is that most of the people are unhappy or sad either of their own self or they think other person or situation are responsible for their sadness.They only find defects in everything,everything has certain draw back in their eyes. This thing give me idea to help others through my writing & then i find these three magical words “Hope of Light”.
Hope, optimize, faith etc these are not just a word ,they have bundle of positive energy.In the darkness of life in anyhow you see the hope of light then it can do magic for you.
Now you think whats in that, you know all this thing which i m saying, yes  you are absolutely right there is nothing new in that but may be we all forget this in the hustle-bustle of life. Its a hundred percent true that if we get this light of hope in our life then we automatically start moving toward it because none of us wants a unhappy or painful life.
Now i will tell you about one of my school project and I am sure you also did it or at least learnt it in your school days.Once our science teacher gave us a project.She gave us a small plant and a cardboard and said “put that cardboard on that plant & make a small hole in the cardboard ,its up to you ,you can make that hole wherever you want and now you have to check this plant growth without removing the cardboard ”
Then we asked how it is possible to see the growth of plant without removing cardboard ,teacher said that the task.We all get confused ,from that day we go regularly and check the growth of plant which was covered by the cardboard but it seem almost impossible to check its growth but after few days we saw that the plant comes out from that hole which we made in the cardboard as our teacher said to us.We all screaming that its a miracle but the teacher said no its not a miracle its a law of nature for the survival of its life the plant find that hole & come out of it from where the light is coming.

Though, it was just a science project but it is the truth of our life,if we want to live a happy and peaceful life we have to find that light and start walking towards that light.A little light of hope is enough for motivation which give us faith to achieve that what we always want.
And I wish and try to be the one little ray of that light of hope.

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8 Responses to Hope of Light

  1. hitesh says:

    bohot acha hai very nice blog

  2. Hardik Gohil says:

    Hello Supriya,

    First of congratulation for this success of blog. I want to tell you that every journey starts with a small first step and you’ve already started your journey with this step.
    All the very best for the future of you blog.

    Your Friend,

  3. vishal says:

    i lke it & love 2 read it angn & angn thxs my frnd

  4. vishal says:

    i wil wait 4 mre blog u wrte & soon u wil be star all d best supriya

  5. wonderful blog and I love the plant part. Sooooo true. Life is up to us and as someone told me once…don’t like the way things are going in your life…make different choices. LOVE THIS

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