Love Needs Help

Hello readers,today I brings a new topic .Hope you like it wish you a very “HAPPY READING”. Today,I want to write  something about the world’s most amazing feeling and also the most misunderstood one which we all called “LOVE”. It is a saying “LOVE IS THE BEAUTY OF SOUL” But do we really believe in this ,do we realized that love also needs help that love also need your attention.To understand this thing I would like you to tell you  a story which I read somewhere and feel that I should write it on my blog.
Once upon a time all feelings and emotions went to a beautiful island for a vacation.According to their nature, each was having a good & nice time .Suddenly a warning of a storm was announced, as soon as the news comes out all the feelings get panic as they were advised to leave the island. All rushed to their boats.Even damaged boats were quickly repaired and everyone ready to leave .Yet, LOVE didn’t wish to flee quickly.LOVE  feel   there was so much to do.But as the clouds darkened,LOVE realised it was time to leave. Alas! there was no boats to spare LOVE looked around with hope………Just then PROSPERITY passed by in a luxurious boat.LOVE shouted “Prosperity,could you please take me in your boat?” Prosperity said “NO” ‘my boat is full of  precious things, gold and silver. There is no place for you ‘

LOVE  feel dishearten,a little later PRIDE came by in a beautiful boat.LOVE shouted again “could you help me, my friend ?  I am stranded and need a lift.Please take me with you.” PRIDE  responded  proudly  “No I can’t take you with me, my boat will get polluted with your muddy feet”. After sometime SORROW passed , LOVE try again to asked for help.But it was to avail. SORROW  also said ‘No I can’t take you with me because I am so sad I want to be by myself  and  your presence disturbed me   LOVE  was feeling  so disappointed, at that time HAPPINESS passed by a few minutes later .A sudden spark comes in LOVE’S eyes ,LOVE  called HAPPINESS with lot of hope .But HAPPINESS was so happy  that it didn’t look around, hardly concerned about anyone. LOVE was going restless & feel dejected. Just then somebody called out ,”hey LOVE come  I will take you with me “. LOVE didn’t know who was being so kind to it, but jumped on to the boat, greatly relieved that it would reach a safe place. On getting off  LOVE met KNOWLEDGE .LOVE was so confused it asked “KNOWLEDGE, do you know who was so generously gave me lift just when no one else wished to help me ? KNOWLEDGE smiled,”Oh that was time” “And why would stop to pick me & rake me to safety? LOVE wondered. KNOWLEDGE smiled and with deep wisdom , replied “because only time knows your true greatness and what you capable of. Only LOVE can bring peace and great happiness in this world”.
The important thing which we all have to learn from this story is when we are prosperous we over look LOVE. When feel important ,we forget 
 LOVE. Even in happiness and sorrow we forget LOVE. Only with time we realize the value of LOVE . “Why wait that long? why we can’t make LOVE a part of  our life today? ” LOVE is a essential thing of our life if  we are a loving person then we can give love to each & every one around us. Though LOVE is just a feeling but this feeling can bring the real PEACE  to this world.

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4 Responses to Love Needs Help

  1. bantu says:

    good 1. supriya really u r too good….i have no words for a rply………….this page

  2. vishal says:

    gud 1 supriya … If smday love need help i wil help hm by d way thxs a lot im lucky 2 hve frnd like u …

  3. umang says:

    i like it dear nice one nd gud

  4. hitesh says:

    too gud supriya

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