Only 4 U

Hello readers,today I want to write on something which is very close to my heart and which always inspire me.
So wish you a “HAPPY READING”
Sometime he understand me like a friend,sometime he scold me like a father, sometime he give me love like a mother. On every step of life he is always with me.I learn from him that “it’s easy to point a finger  but much harder to point the way”. He the one who shows me the path.He has more faith in me than I have,whenever I feel no I can’t do this, he comes and say yes you can,whenever I feel I lost in the darkness of life ,he becomes the candle who consume himself to light the way for me. He is no one else but he is my teacher,who teach me that learning is not finished when you get a degree, its a life long process. Each and everything teach you something it is just you have the willing to learn.
Generally people think that only those are consider a teacher,who teach us in school, college or in any university. But what I think is,’A teacher is one who takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart’. One who give mere information is not called a teacher,a teacher is beyond that.
It is a saying which I read ” The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes and inspire his listener with the wish to teach himself”.
A mother is the first teacher of everyone’s life she is the one who teach us about everything. No other teacher can take the place of parents. But even if you get chance to learn something from any one you should respect him or her.I would like to give you an example of dog whom I consider one of my teacher.I learnt the real meaning of loyalty from him as he is the most loyal creature.
The core thing is learning one of the main aim of human life is to become wise and without learning no one can get wisdom .As the greatest philosopher confucius said ” By three method we can learn wisdom. First by reflection which is noblest, second by imitation which is easiest and third by experience which is the bitterest “. So always willing to learn .
It is a little tribute from my side to my teachers.Its only for you and what I am today is just because of you.  

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2 Responses to Only 4 U

  1. vishal says:

    yes supriya i total agree with u what all are 2day cos of tham …

  2. Bantu says:

    good 1….supriya nice work…..100/100
    Talk with yourself atleast once in a day…!!!
    Otherwise you will miss your best friend in this world..!

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