Whats your choice ??

Hello readers, today I bring a new thing for you. If I say I know about a tool which can change your life and way of living,will you believe me or not ??? May be many of you ready to believe or many are not.But before you pass a judgement on my article just pause, ask a question to yourself  “Am I want to change my life?” think & answer if the answer is “Yes” then go ahead and read it, if the answer is “No” then I  am sorry this article is not for you.
So wish you ”HAPPY READING”.

Before giving you any idea or suggestion I would like to tell you a short story.After reading it you get to know what I want to tell you. So, the story is like this………………..

Once there was a very famous business man who was also an owner of a T.V channel.Many popular shows  were shown on his channel.Once he decided to do something different , he call his famous T.V anchor and his team and ask them to take an interview  of a person to whom the audience get related to them self.They all get confused but as everyone knows ‘boss is always right’, they have to find out someone for the show after a long search an average aged man would be called for the interview.

All the team member take a breath of relief  but the anchor  was not so happy,he decided to spoil the show as he want to prove his boss that such stupid thing can make a famous show flop.
The man who was called for the interview  was around  40 years of age looking very ordinary as he was very common so they think he would be perfect for the interview.

But as the interview started everyone along with the anchor was mesmerized with that man. He was so good, he give all the answer with such a delightful manner that leave an impression on each and everyone who are  watching and listening to him. But the anchor didn’t want that the show would be a hit. So he asked a question to the man…

He asked “how it is possible to be so happy & energetic all the time??” It is impossible for any human being to be like that you must be hiding your real self  from us as you know its a show.

But when the gentlemen gives the answer after hearing that, not only the anchor but everyone believe that he is the man of his word. He said ” Yes , you are right my boy. Its look little difficult to be happy all the time but its definitely not impossible . I am like that if you want to meet me behind the camera you find me like this only.I am a normal human like you , in my life too I meet many up & downs and  still meeting them. I was also feel sad, disheartened , disappointed in my life before knowing the tool which is responsible for my happiness ………That tool is “CHOICE”

“Each morning I wake up and say to myself , you have two choices today, to be happy and be in good mood or to be sad and be in bad mood what you think what I choose????
I choose to be happy & be in good mood”.Its the most easy and important thing which I learn from life.

As Alexander  Solzenitsyn said  “A man is happy as long as he choose to be happy & nothing can stop him”.  So friends its all about the choice you make .”Choice is the biggest tool”.Its up to you, you can use it in a constructive way or in a destructive way.Ever time some bad thing may be happen but its up to you what you choose to be a victim or you choose to learn from it.

Its a quote of Albert camus “Life is a sum of all your choices”. So choose wisely its the tool which can bring a big change in anyone’s life .

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5 Responses to Whats your choice ??

  1. Hardik Gohil says:

    Hello Supriya,

    I like this article so much. Thank you for such a lovely gift. Its absolutely right that to be happy always is a choice and this is the most easy and most difficult task. And I must say this article is the far more better than the previous ones. Its short and simple and telling the secret of being happy.

    Keep Writing…

    Your Friend
    Hardik Gohil

  2. Bantu says:

    nice story….lagta he muje kuch i6 6 sikhna padega…
    Great job…100/101

  3. Rene says:

    Happiness can also be a serious trap that cause a lot of pain in relationships etc. Many of us wait for others to say or do something that will make us happy. This habit is at the root of many of our sad days and broken promises. The key is actually to choose not to load others with the responsibility to make us experience feeling of happiness. The choice of zero expectation set everyone free that come in contact with us. The ego needs stroking and feelings of acceptances while the soul on the other hand remain happy notwithstanding the acts and deeds of others. Our task is thus to strive for a peaceful mindset notwithstanding what is happening in our world. Happiness is nothing more than a pleasant reaction experienced by most when their brains put some chemicals in their blood AFTER someone said or did something that make our egos feel safe and secure. – Rene

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