Unconditional Love

Hello readers,I read some where that “Love is a feeling which can not be describe in word we can only feel it, just like air we can’t see it but we can only feel its presence”. Everyone describe it as their own intellect and experience but the core thing is only the “LOVE”. Today I tell you a sweet Love Story I hope you like it.
Wish you a “HAPPY READING”
There was a boy and a girl.They were student and studying far from their home.The girl was very pretty and kind hearten.The boy was very smart and intelligent.The boy liked that girl so much but never able to say this to her.
Once, the girl needs some notes from the boy as he was an intelligent  student.The boy was so happy when the girl came to him & ask his help he thought its the time to say .He said “I am ready to help you but on one condition ” girl asked innocently “what condition???” . He said “I will help you in your studies but you have to be my girl friend, will you be ??.
Girl smile and say yes as she also like him alot. Since then they become girl friend & boy friend. They both was quite happy with each other, but there was a problem which make the girl sad. Whenever she say or ask anything to boy, he do that but always put some condition.
Like, one day she say “I want to go to market  for buying books could you drop me there??” Boy said “Yes but you have to come with me on a date”. Always condition.

One day, girl came to boy to say that she was going home back as her mom is not feeling well and its a possibility that she leave this school forever and live & study with her parents. As she come to say these thing to him.Boy say “i will listen to you but first I have to go to meet my friend.” She feel sad but didn’t want to hurt him she said ok I will wait for you come soon. But he didn’t come, after few hours his friend come and inform her that he met an accident and he is very serious he need blood but his blood group is very rare and his parents are not able to come soon as they live too far.
The girl ran to hospital,she said  “Dr. please save him if   you want take my blood but save him I can’t loose him.” The Dr. was not ready as she is not 18 years & she not allow to do so but as its an emergency Dr. take risk and take her blood for saving the life of his boy friend.

After few days the boy come back to his conscious. He asked how it all happen, his friend told him that his girlfriend gave him blood & save his life, when he inquire about his girl friend.His friend  give him a letter and a rose, when he open the letter it was his girl friend’s letter.

Hello my dear, when you read this letter I hope you feels much better. You may think why I am not with you this time but I can’t, that day I was coming to tell you this that I am going forever as my parents need me but as you always do put condition and go.Whenever I need you or want to say anything , you always put condition .My dear, when you need me I didn’t ask anything your happiness and your life is matters to me more than anything you know why because ‘I LOVE YOU’. Love is not a business that one should give something before getting something. Its a strong feeling which give you strength  to do whatever you can for your beloved. Now I have to go but as I said that day also I will wait for you come soon my LOVE .”
Your Girl friend
A tear comes out from the eyes of  the boy as now he realized what is unconditional love.How true it is when one said “the greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.”  

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5 Responses to Unconditional Love

  1. umang says:

    nice supriya

  2. Hardik Gohil says:

    Hello Supriya,

    This is the most beautiful article so far and my personal Favorite also. I really Loved it. You’re right LOVE is all about giving and I truely believe that. Thank you for this article.

    Your Friend
    Hardik Gohil

  3. vishal says:

    see supriya u hve dn g8 work y u were said may be no 1 wil nt like it .. Its g8 love stry .. If sm1 do same so he or she thnk be4 …

  4. Bantu says:

    u sach a great job……superrrrb..:]:]

  5. sagar says:

    nice story

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