Hello readers, we all love gifts, it doesn’t need to say how one feels when he gets the gift.But still I want to know what you feels??? just pause a second and remind when someone gives you a gift what the first feeling which emerge  in your heart.If I am not wrong, we all feel the same “HAPPINESS”.Life it self a precious gift which God give us. Everything we want to get or achieved in our life it just for being happy.So today’s article is all about life’s greatest gift “HAPPINESS”.
Wish you a very “HAPPY READING”


No one want in this world to be sad,everyone wants to be a happy life.But the sad thing is that we never try to understand what is the real happiness & where it exist, in the journey of life we often miss to get this gift.I am calling this a gift because now days its seem to be the most wanted but the rarest thing.The following story which I going to tell you will make this thing more clear.


There  was a man who was so unsatisfied and unhappy from everything,he always in search of true happiness.When he was a kid he thought when he get that toy then he become happy,when he become teen then he thought when he get a nice & beautiful girlfriend then he will be very happy.At each stage of life he feel that things would be better at next step and one day he get that happiness which he always want.He thought he will be happy when he get a good job but at some point of time the feeling of frustration creeps in and then he would feel that once he get married and have children then he surly be happy. The search for happiness continuous as he passes through each stage of life.

On 31th December he was celebrating his 40th birth day. All member of his family and friends decided to give him that gift which make him happy. They do everything for him which they thought that could make him happy,but none of them succeed. He again feel sad and unhappy and went for sleep.But the main gift was yet to come.

When he woke up on the next morning.He saw a small gift placed near his bed it was a gift which his grandma send to him.In that gift, he get a beautiful hourglass with a note.
“My dear son, here I am sending you a gift which you always want “HAPPINESS” this hourglass tell you the truth.The truth is there is no better time to be happy than right now.You don’t need to wait for tomorrow to be happy, you neither need to be rich nor to be powerful to enjoy the greatest gift of life that is “HAPPINESS”.


Happiness of life is made of minute fractions like a simple smile, a heartfelt compliment and many priceless & more precious things.But the sad part is in our pursuit of happiness we fail to recognize this magnificent feeling that is just there right at the end of our noise.
There is truth in the observation of German philosopher, Albert Schweitzer “In the hope of reaching the moon, men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet”.

Before ending this article I want to share one of the best quote that I read so far”The happiest person don’t necessarily having the best of everything he just make the best of everything he have”.
So don’t wait more, give this gift to your self now.Be happy and enjoy the greatest & the most valuable gift of life with every breath you take.

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3 Responses to The GIFT

  1. hitesh says:

    very very nice blog 10 out of 10
    very nice supriya
    u r very gud writer

  2. vishal says:

    its ture when all have happyness that always thnk 2 hve mre & mre … Life is so btfull gift 4 god 2 us 2 enjoy it & god always gve us gft like . Maa. Dad.bro. Sis& frnds … By d way it g8 yar

  3. skshravan says:

    A lovely work… Its really Inspirational thing….

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