True Love

Hello readers, whenever I saw or meet any old aged couples I always think which thing still bind them together. Attraction I don’t think so as at this age attraction could not be the reason then what, need may be or fear of being alone or the love. I got my answer when I read about a disease and people who are suffering from it and their love ones. It’s not about the disease but it’s about that thing which bind us in that situation also when we feel we lost everything. So I am going to tell all that in a form of a story,hope this story leave an impression on you.
Wish you a “HAPPY READING”

Once there was a young man who was running a coffee cafe.He was a handsome,charming and had a very nice personality.He was soon getting married to his fiance. There was a small  flower shop near his cafe.
An old man from past few months regularly came at his cafe, drink hot coffee, buy a flower and leave. The young man always noticed him but never try to talk as he was busy and also think that what a use of it to talk  an old person without knowing him..
One day the young man and his fiance had a quarrel and they both decided to break their relationship. He was so sad as he love her so much and think he truly loved her but she never want to understood his feelings.
After few days the young man was sitting alone near the window of his cafe with his thoughts, he feel that he need someone to share his sorrow, he look around but not found any familiar face,  it was a cool winter morning, therefore there were not so many people suddenly he realized the presence of that old man whom he saw daily but never talked to him.
He move near to him and ask “Hello gentlemen I am the owner of this cafe,can I sit with you & offer you a cup of coffee with me?”Old man smiled and allow him to sit.They both start talking with each other, the old man tell him that he has a publication farm and his wife is in the hospital behind this cafe that’s why he is regularly come to visit her.
The young man told his story to him while telling all  that he become so exhausted and frustrated that he start crying.The old man console him and said “move on my friend it’s a part of life” When the young man relaxed little bit he said ‘ she never understand how much I love her, she don’t know what is the true love”.
The old man stand up and said ‘I am getting late now I am leaving thanks for coffee friend’.The young man came along with him to the flower shop where he used to buy a rose flower for his wife and he said it was a nice meeting with you and sorry because of me you get late your wife must be angry  at you.
The old man smiled and says” No she doesn’t, as she does not even recognize me” after listing this the young man stunned, old man say further ‘it’s more than five years when she knows who I am. She is suffering from a memory disease in which person doesn’t able to remember & recognize anything or anyone’……….
The young man asked “then why you still come to see her daily as she doesn’t know you does this thing not bother you?? ” .Old man said “yes, it’s true  that she doesn’t know who I am but I know who she is??? She is my beloved wife to whom I love the most in this world she is my true love & always be”
The young man seeing that old man going far and far……………
The next day when the old man entered in his wife’s room the room was filled with full of roses he asked to nurse “who bring these roses??” Nurse said a young couple came to meet your wife they bring these flowers & leave a card for you.
In that card it had written …………
” True love is neither physical nor romantic.True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be and will not be”
                                                                                        Thank you & your beloved wife for teaching me what is true love 
                                                                                                                                                                                    Yours coffee friend.

It’s not only about old couples it’s about true love. It is that unseen thread which bind all of us to our love ones age, gender even place doesn’t matter in true love.

“Love means to commit oneself without guarantee , to give oneself completely in the hope that our love will produce love in the loved person. Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love”- Enrich Fromm

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3 Responses to True Love

  1. vishal says:

    to supriya
    Ture love is kn in dis way … nice stry frnd ur all frnd shd read it & lean 4 it was is a tre love …

  2. hitesh says:

    bohot acha bolg hai supriya

  3. bantu says:

    nice story & nice thinking…
    & this story is my part of life…..

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