That Girl !!!!

Hello readers, nature blessed every living thing with a sense of feeling  whether its human, animal, plant or any creature all can feel. As human we can think but other creatures can’t, they only feel. My today’s article is about it but first of all I want to tell you a very sweet story.
So wish you a “HAPPY READING”

DATE 25th may,

Today is her b’day and today was the day when I last saw her. I still remember each day those I spent with her.She was really very beautiful and the amazing thing was she didn’t even know how much pretty she was ?
Her innocent face, long hair, her sweet smile, deep green eyes but her eyes not able to see how I like to stare at her because she is blind but as said, “if nature take something from you it gives something else”.Nature blessed her with a magic & beautiful voice.
Not only her voice was sweet but she was also a very sweet and kind person, when I was with her I felt I am the happiest person of this world.
I actually lived each and every moment of my life with her we play together , eat together, go for our musical class together. I still cherish all those memories. My words are not enough to explain what I want to say if I didn’t meet her I wouldn’t be what I am today.
When I studied in music class I hate my teachers my class mates and everyone. That time I thought no one like what I play all of them just make fun of me they never try to understand what I want to show them through my music.I was about to drop my dream of becoming a musician and ready to move on .
On her b’day evening I came to meet her last time as I was going to London to pursue my studies I was  feeling so depress and dishearten that not able to say a single word to her. But don’t know how she able to knew what I was going through.
At that day she gave me the reason to live and courage to fulfill my dream.
She said,”I know why you feel sad its just because  no one appreciate your music ,you know why people do that”
‘No’ I said
‘because you just play the instrument and not able to make them feel’ she said.
I said ‘what you mean by that’
She said “do one thing close your eyes put your hand on your heart now try to feel it” I do as she told me.
after sometime  she said “Now open your eyes and say what you feel ”
I feel my heart beat” I said

She said “Don’t you realize there is a certain kind of music in it. Nature blessed every thing with this music it up to us how we able to feel it.You just make your composition your music to create that feeling in the listener” You know it I am a blind person I am not able to see anything but I can do most of the work like any other normal person , do you know how I able to do so because I can feel and make other feel
Always remember…………..
“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how much you made them feel”
Suppose if you play a love song make sure that your listener feel it deeply that that music is playing just for him/her by his/her beloved.
This is the last time I heard her sweet voice.Her words change my life forever.
Today I am the top most musician of the world.

“My love your last word still in my heart and mind …………..people will never forget how much you made them feel.
wish you a very happy b’day my lovely friend. I know you are smiling right now and seeing me from heaven. You are not present physically with me but you will be always with me because I can feel your presence.
Love you
Your friend

This  is a imaginary story but its true, we all controlled by our feelings. So please try to feel good and make other also feel good. Remember only dead can’t feel anything as long as we are alive we can feel.
So feel good and be happy 🙂

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4 Responses to That Girl !!!!

  1. vishal says:

    gr8 1 supriya its 2 gud yar feel gud & make ppls feel gud

  2. Bantu says:

    hats off u supriya……..i can’t comment……

  3. Kuldeep says:

    Nice……..”people will never forget how much you made them feel”

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