How would you like to be remembered?

Hello readers, as we all know the year  2011 is coming to its end. 2011 would be remembered for many things but particularly  for the death of two man.Where one would be remembered for his bad  deeds other would be for his good deeds. I am talking about ‘the face of terror-Osman Bin Laden’  and’ the face of innovation- Steve Jobs ‘.

When I heard the news of their death I noticed one thing that all the news channels and news papers were filled with  thing those are related to them. Then a thought came in my mind that what happen if they both have able to see the reaction??
While thinking on this I found a very interesting story which help me to find one of the biggest answer of my life I hope after reading  this story you also get something from it.

So wish you a very “HAPPY READING”

About a hundred years ago, a man looked at the morning newspaper and to his surprise and horror, read his name in the obituary column.The news paper had reported the death of the wrong person by mistake.His first response was shock. ‘Am I here or there?’ When he regained his composure, his second thought was to find out what people had said about  him.
The obituary read ” Dynamite King Dies” and also “He was the merchant of death”.
The man was the inventor of dynamite and when he read the words “merchant of death”.He asked himself a question.”Is this how I am going to be remembered???
He got in touch with his feelings and decided that this was not the way he wanted to be remembered.
From that day on, he started working towards peace. His name was Alfred Nobel and he is remembered today by the great Nobel Prize 

Just as Alfred Nobel got in touch with his feeling and redefined his values, we should step back and do the same.
Now ask  following questions to your self & try to find out their answers.I am sure when you find those answer it will change the meaning of your life forever. 
1) What is your legacy ?
2) How would you like to be remembered?
3) Will you be you spoken well of ?
4) Will you be remember with love & respect ?
5) Will you be missed ??

In this world people have very bad memory they forget everyone and everything very easily.
Think about it, as rose is remember for its beautiful fragrance not for its throne then how would you want to be remembered
Just ask this from yourself  I hope you get to know why are you here.

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3 Responses to How would you like to be remembered?

  1. vishal says:

    wht wil be my asn 4r me let me gss & say u soon

  2. philip says:

    To be remembered by my goods deeds and memory

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