Spice of Life

Hello readers, food are one of the biggest needs of all living beings. We can’t live without food. We all having different likes and dislikes in respect of food, some like sweet thing other like salty other like mixture of both and many more. But as per Dr. advice we all need a balance diet for a healthy living.
You may think is this article about food or balance diet or spice or what???
Wait my dear, read it further then you get it, so shall we begin our journey of reading?

If yes then wish you a “HAPPY READING”

Once there was a retired army man who runs a restaurant, he was also the main cook of his restaurant. His food was very famous and people love to eat and spend time in his ‘PALACE’.
Yes he named his restaurant ‘The PALACE of Taste’.
People not only like his food but also like his presence and way of service. He was living his life with its real spirit. When people asked him what the secret of his awesome food and spirit full life?
He said, “The right ingredients and real spice is the secret of my food and life”.
Some people get it many are not.
One day a lady came to him and said,” I understand what you said about food but didn’t get what you mean by that the secret of your life is in the right ingredients and spice.”
’It is as simple as making a tea’ said by the man. ‘But first you tell me what kind of food you like to eat?’
She said, “I like sweet things but most of it I am crazy about ice-creams but why you are asking these things I don’t come here for food I want to know about the secret which make you so happy and an interesting being”.

He said, “I will give you all answer but before that you have to face a challenge”
”What kind of challenge?” asked by the lady

 He said, “I will give you 10 ice cream of your favorite free and you have to finish all”. The lady becomes happy and said yes.
He said, “You can quit whenever you want and when you quit I will explain my recipe of life.
The main asked, “Are you ready my dear?”
She said, ‘yes’ and start eating ice cream she finished four in a row but after the six one she feel like vomiting. She couldn’t able to eat more than seven and said I am quitting I can’t eat more If I eat little bit more I will start vomiting.
The man said ok stop eating. Now tell me how was the first ice cream.
The lady said it was awesome and “ how was the last one” asked by the man

“ It was worst I didn’t able to feel its taste”.
And do you know why you feel so.
The lady said I don’t know may be I eat too much.
The man said,  “ no its not because you eat too much its just because you was eating sweet only”
and this is my point, LIFE is like that……. too much sweetness turn into bitterness.
If we only get good things in life we lost the value of other things, ego comes and we forget everything. Similarly, if we get only bad things we lost our view of seeing the positive side of life.
As a cook know how to make a food tasty & delicious by putting right ingredients in it so every human should know how to add real spice in his/her life to make it more interesting & living fully.

I myself have been seen both good and bad times in life but neither the good nor the bad leave its effect on me.
I would like to share some experience of my life.
I was the only child of my parents as my parent was very poor they decided to have only one child. But that time I felt lonely without any sibling when I asked them why I didn’t have any other siblings despite of telling me the truth of our poverty and make me sad.
They said, “we just did not feel it necessary to repeat a bad joke.”
My parents taught me how to add the spice- bring humor in every situation.
One more incidence of my life make my philosophy more clear to you as everyone know that I lost my one leg during war and when I got hurt and the Dr. and nurses taking me towards the operation theater that time I knew today I was going to lost my leg forever. But I remind myself what my mom used to say me, “son you have to know how to make a food good and how to add real spice in it”.

When the Dr. asked me  “are you allergic to anything?” I think for a moment and then said yes and the thing is ‘BULLET’.
The operation theater filled with laugh and everyone admire my strength and positive attitude in such situation.
But I knew I again succeeded in adding the spice.

Life is mixture of good and bad we have to take the good with bad,
 but we should know what kind of taste we like to add in this mixture.
We have jus tot know which spice we like most & how we can add it to make our life more enjoyable.
So now I hope you also get what I want to say and wish like this man we all live a LIFE with little spice. 

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2 Responses to Spice of Life

  1. vishal says:

    gud supriya ji it was so nice 2 kn wht knd of tast we hve 2 et

  2. bantu says:

    Great…Supriya sis…i can’t judge

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