!! Magical Piano !!

Hello readers, do you know anyone who doesn’t like music??
I am asking this because I never meet a single person in my life that doesn’t like music.
Music is an essential part of our life. Some time it motivate us, some time it make us feel good, some time its remind memories which mean a lot to us. Life feels incomplete without music.
Each & everything that is present in nature playing certain kind of music.
Sound of air, singing of birds, drizzling of rain even our heart produce music. I can’t imagine my life without music.
Today, I want to tell you a story of a MAGICAL PIANO that reveals the secret of a stable & successful life.
So wish you a “HAPPY READING”

Once upon a time there was a young boy who want to be a  famous pianist. He went everywhere to learn this art and from some extent he learned to play piano very well.
But he was not satisfied from his performance, as he wants to create magic through his music.
For that he decided to go and find that teacher who teaches him. So he went and travels around the world but he didn’t find anyone who knows such kind of music, which creates magic.
One day while he walking near a lane in state of despair he heard soft music coming from that lane and don’t know how he start walking towards the direction where the music was coming.
He saw a small hurt like home from where the music was coming.
It sounds like some one playing the piano, he never hear such ear pleasing music in his life before. It’s just like magic which he in search of.

With some hesitation he knock the door, an old man opened the door and asked, “May I help you young man?”
The boy said, “Sorry to bother you gentleman, I am a traveler when I was passing from here I hear the most melodies music of my life. I want to see that person who was playing that”.
The old man said with a smile, “Oh my dear that was me I was just playing my piano”.
The boy said, “Really, Are you a pianist?”
It was just amazing, I am wondering here & there to find some one who can teach me piano as my dream is to be a world class pianist, could you accept me as your student.
The old man agreed and accepts him as his student. He was a quick learner; in few months he starts playing pretty good. And the day was come when he had to leave but he still feel he is far behind from his master.
Before leaving, he said to his master, “ Master, I am trying very hard but still I am not capable to create that magic which you can from this piano. As you said me this piano has magic, one who can play it can create magical music. But why I am not able to do so.”
His master says nothing just smiles and gives him a piece of paper on which three things he written.
1) Always try to keep the piano clean from inside.
2) Both white & back keys are part of piano learn to play them well.
3) Read the note carefully before playing anything.

After handling that paper, the master go inside and bring his piano, then he said, “Son, take this piano with you now you are ready to create the magic.”

After 20 years, that young boy becomes a very famous pianist of his time. There was magic in his piano. Everyone call him magician with magical piano. No other can play like him.
When he became very old he decided to do an auction of all his wealthy things include that magical piano.

On the day of auction, everyone try to bid on piano. But the auctioneer said that the pianist would give this piano, to whom which can revel the real meaning of those rules that his master told him.
Every one try to explain them but no one succeed in that. As seeing this pianist became very disappointed, then a young girl came forward from the crowd and said, “ I can explain those rules but before that I want to play this piano”
The auctioneer allow her to come on the stage and play. She played exactly like the pianist, which makes people believe that the piano has some kind of magic.
Then she started explaining the rules
1) Always try to keep the piano clean from inside……………………………
It means we are like a piano. If we want to be good then we should clean our heart and mind from all kind of bitterness & negative thoughts.

2) Both white and black keys are part of piano learn to play them well………………………
It means life is like a piano, the white keys represent happiness & black one represent sadness.
But as we go through life journey remember that black keys too make music.

3) Read the note carefully before playing anything………………………
It means always ask GOD for his guidance. If he will be our guide then we can’t go wrong side in life.

Pianist hugs that little girl and asked her how does she know all that. She smiles & said I am the grand daughter of your master.

Friends we all have that magical piano if we want to play it well, we should know and follow those golden rules which was the master gave to his student.
Then it sure , the journey of life will be more easy and musical .

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2 Responses to !! Magical Piano !!

  1. bantu says:

    i’m like too much…..realy gud & wat am i say…

  2. This actually answered my downside, thanks!

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