“Beautiful eyes”

Hello readers, today I am going to tell you a very heart touching story of a couple. In this story, there is a girl whose name is Twinkle and a boy whose name is John. They both love each other very much their life just look like a fairy tale but life is not a bed full of roses on the contrary life is more like a school where surprise test can come at any point of time.
To know what the test and will Twinkle and John able to pass it or they just fail, you have to read it further.

So wish you a “HAPPY READING”

Wish you a very happy marriage anniversary Twinkle”
Twinkle’s best friend wish her on the phone. Today, Twinkle and John celebrate their first wedding anniversary. How fast one year passed and how much happened in this one year Twinkle was thinking.

It seems that it was yesterday when John proposed her in the most romantic way a girl could ever dream. It was the 14th Feb of last autumn, John blindfold her and took her at the seashore.
When Twinkle opens her eyes she saw the best view of her life she and John was in the middle. Only John, Twinkle and endless sea were there which going to be the witness of the most memorable moment of her life.
John looks in her deep sea blue colored eyes and said, “ Twinkle, this sea is symbolic of my endless love for you. I love you. I can’t explain the feeling, which I always feel when your beautiful eyes look at me. If GOD grants my only one wish I asked to sit in front of you and see your beautiful eyes forever and ever…………….
Will you be mine???”
“Will you marry me??????”

Twinkle couldn’t able to say anything expects “YES.”
Soon they both are a married couple.
Twinkle works, as a lab assistant while John was a policeman. Life has been just a beautiful dream for both of them. But as someone said “life is not a dream it’s a reality which sometimes very cruel”

One day John received a call.
John, ‘hello’
‘hello, may I speak to Mr. John?’
John, ‘Yes’
‘I am calling from city hospitals, your wife meets with an accident, happened in the lab where she works. She got hurt pretty much. Please come soon.’
At the hospital doctors informed John that Twinkle was all right but due to some harsh chemicals her eyesight could be affected.
The doctor was right Twinkle lost her eyes and according to her she also lost her life. Darkness is the only thing remains in her life.
But John didn’t want such kind of life for his beloved. He told her that she has to start her life again.

He said, ‘ why not you take admission in a blind school, you are a quick learner and when you learn how to do your work we will find the job for you. You are not alone my love.”

‘How much John loves me that he accepts my blindness also. But I am just a burden on John, suddenly a jerk awake Twinkle from the sleep of her memories.’

The bus driver was telling that she stop has come. When she reached near the gate, the driver said, “O lady sometime I am envy from you.”
Twinkle get surprised who could be envy to a blind girl who herself is dependable on others mercy. Twinkle said politely, ‘ I beg your pardon, Are you talking with me?? ‘Yes, the young lady I am talking to you. I am saying this because I want to know why that man cares and loves you so much.’ Said the driver’

Twinkle become more puzzled, ‘what are you saying?? Who loves me?’
The driver told her that a young man who always be in uniform, daily come along with her, continuously stare at her till she reached her destination and whenever she feels any kind of terrible that a man asked the fellow passenger to help her.
Twinkle not able to believe what she just listened; it should be only one person in this whole world who can do this thing and that JOHN.

Its remind her when she starts to go out from home to school John give her company as it’s difficult for her to walk and go out alone due to her blindness.
John come and goes back to his work at his office in the opposite direction from her school. After few weeks John told her that she has to go alone now, as it will be good for both of them.

After reminding all these Twinkle eyes filled with tears, now she knows that John never leaves her alone in a single day he always come to her without letting her know his presence and when he assured that she safely reached then only he goes back to his work.
Twinkle asked to driver that could he drop her back to her home. She wants to see John.
At evening, when John comes back Twinkle hug him and kiss him like she was meeting him first time. John felt surprised and asked her, ‘ what’s the reason dear?’
When Twinkle told him about everything that the driver told her and say that she is the luckiest girl in this world who is having such a loving husband.
John kept silent he didn’t say a single word. Twinkle touches his cheek and asked what happened, ‘ did I say something wrong??’ she feel John face was full of tears he was crying.
Twinkle again asked desperately, ‘ what happen John are you ok?

John hug her tightly and said, ‘ I am not good dear. I am bad you’re the real angel who make my life like heaven and I tried to cheat you.’
Twinkle console him and said, ‘ please don’t cry tell me what its all about.’

John said, ‘ You know when you was in hospital and the doctor told me about your blindness that time I thought how could I live with a cripple. I loved your beautiful eyes your beauty not you.
I start drinking and meanwhile I met a pretty girl and attracted towards her. Before the day when you were going to discharge I came to meet you that day I came before visitor’s hour.
When I was sitting in hospital canteen I met an old lady she just looked like my late mother I felt a kind of warmness setting next to her, she asked about my life and why I am here.

  Don’t know what’s forcing me I tell her everything without hesitation.

She said calmly, “My dear I understand what you are going through. It’s a painful experience isn’t it? But you’re going to make your life more painful because you don’t know what TRUE LOVE & TRUE BEAUTY mean.
Beauty is not how things look; beauty is how you look at things.
You said you love Twinkle but actually you love her beautiful eyes now those eyes are more beautiful you went to find someone who is more beautiful than her.
Who knows that someday the same thing happens with that girl also? Twinkle needs your support, love & compassion for living a normal and happy life.
Most of us see things from the eyes but love can see invisible which mind can’t. Fill your eyes with full of love for your wife then you can see that those eyes are still beautiful because your eyes are able to see the real BEAUTY.”

John kissed her forehead and say, “You know something if that day that lady didn’t tell me all those things I definitely loss these beautiful eyes whom I love the most my wife’s eyes where I find only love enormous love only for me.”

Fill LOVE in your eyes then life shows you its real BEAUTY.
Now you all have “Beautiful Eyes”

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7 Responses to “Beautiful eyes”

  1. manish daswani says:

    awesome story i liked:)

  2. bantu says:

    so nice sis…u too gud & also ur article…..10/10

  3. hitesh says:

    beautiful eyes r crying after reading this artical

  4. chetan sharma says:

    beautiful love story dearr like writer of it

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