Take Time………………..

Hello readers, first of all I want to say thank you for giving your precious  time to read my posts .
As “ I am too busy”

“I have no time”
is common saying today. We are living in a busy world. All are participating on  race if we take time to do anything except what is we consider important then we just waste our time is a common thinking. But you take the time and read my posts is a huge thing.
So my today’s article is on TIME and it’s about TIME.

Hope this story gives all of us a new view to see TIME
So take TIME and read it.                 


Once there was a talented young man who wants to be a successful businessman. He idolized a person who was one of the best, when it comes about business. He wants to join him to learn and grow.
To see his enthusiasm and talent the wise businessman was very impressed. He knows that the young man has potential to become a successful business man.
The young man also didn’t disappoint the wise man. He was a hard worker.  He was moving steadily towards his goals and achieving his target. Meanwhile he got engaged to a nice girl.
Now he tries to balance his life both personally and professionally.

But, thing going to change and it became hard for him to give his best .He was doing hard work, try to be good in his relationship but things turning bad to worse.
The wise businessman noticed all that. He wants to do something about it. So he called the young man and said, “we had a meeting out of town , meet me at the airport”

They reached out of town in a peaceful environment. They had a little meeting with an ordinary client. The young man knows its not an urgent or important meeting and thought then why his boss took him here???
The wise man knows what is going through in his mind. After that meeting he said, “ why don’t we take a walk towards the mountain, it would be a nice experience for both of us”
Young man follow him without any argue.
While walking the wise man start talking, he said, “ My friend here the place where I start my journey”.
Today I want to tell you a story of a young boy just like you. He also wants to be successful in his life. He was full of talent and enthusiasm but he didn’t know about other important things in life.
He loved a girl very much that girl also loves him a lot.

But love is not the only thing in his life he wants fame, name, richness and success in his life. For all this he has to more to the city and go far from his love. But he promises his girlfriend that he will regularly come to visit her and when he able to fulfill his dream he will marry her.
He tries to fulfill his promise somehow but with time he gets too busy with his work that he didn’t have time for himself. He was so passionate about his work that sometime he forgets to eat his food.

On the other hand the girl was waiting for him. She wants to get married to her love but her love has no time for her.
Whenever she called him he said, “I am too busy. I will come to see you when I have time.”

I am busy. I have no time ……… I am busy is the only line he used to tell her. But time never waits. It moves with its own speed.
With time that young boy gets many things but loss very precious thing from his life.

One day he calls his girlfriend but she didn’t reply. It was an abnormal thing for him as she always replies to his call. Then he calls her friend.
Her friend told him that she is very sick and she is in hospital. The boy gets shocked, he ran to the hospital but he was too late.
When he entered the room and try to say something his girlfriend’s mother screamed, “don’t try to disturber my daughter she is BUSY”
Those words broke him. He locks himself in his house. Now he realizes what his girlfriend would go through. He also doesn’t want to live but a diary stops him to kill his life and give him a reason to live. It’s his girlfriend’s diary, which she sent him before her death.
In her diary she wrote …………….
“My love, I write everything in this diary which I always want to tell you but unfortunately you never have any time for me and now my time is over. I love you more than anything and your happiness is everything for me. I want a life for you in which you live happily with your family and be successful in every sphere of your life for this you and only you can do ……………………… TAKE TIME

                                Take time to think,
                                        It is the source of power.
                               Take time to play,
                                      It is the secret of perpetual youth.
                                Take time to read,
                                      It is the fountain of wisdom.
                                Take time to pray,
                                     It is the greatest power on earth.
                                Take time to love,
                                    & be loved.
                               It is a GOD – given privilege.
                               Take time to be Friendly,
                                      It is the road to happiness.
                               Take time to laugh,
                                    It is the music of the soul.
                                Take time to Give,
                                   It is too short a day to be selfish.
                                Take time to work.
                                      It is the price of success
                               Take time to do charity,
                                   It is the key to heaven.
That wise man gives that diary to the young man and said, “That boy was me. I learn to take time after loosing one of the most precious gifts of my life. But I fulfilled her dream; today I am a happy and successful man with a lovely family I get everything whatever I desire.
When the first time I meet you I saw the same spark in you that was present in me when I was at your age. I just want you to learn this (time taking philosophy) without any loss.

Now it’s up to you how you take your time

Successful (song)

Successful (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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7 Responses to Take Time………………..

  1. Bantu says:

    jabrdast, Great , cool think , nice , & i;m impress……..
    nice work Sis…
    Thanxx For post…..

  2. manish daswani says:

    lesson fo life

  3. Deep Lalwani says:

    Hope of light rocks awesome story

  4. hitesh mulchandani says:

    AwEsOmE stORY mEm………..welll said…:)

  5. vinay patel says:

    well…….i have no words………it sounds familiar!

  6. kuldeep says:


  7. Seo Pressor says:

    After reading your blog post I browsed your website a bit and noticed you aren’t ranking nearly as well in Google as you could be. I possess a handful of blogs myself

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