!!!!!!! Rainbow !!!!!!

Hello readers, on this festive of colors, I bring a colorful story for you. As, without colors life is just like a flower without smell, music without a sound or a body without soul.
In this story, there is a prince who falls in love with a mysterious girl whose name is “RAINBOW”. To get his love he has to solve some unusual questions. To know whether he able to solve all those questions & get his love or he just loses in the game of love you have to read this story.


Once upon a time there were a charming, smart & handsome prince. He likes to visit at new places, for fulfilling this he can go anywhere. Once he plans to go in a forest to hunt in rainy season. Everyone advised him not to go in the forest as in rain it might be dangerous for him but he convinced his father that he only goes to hunt when the weather will be clear, he just want to see the beauty of forest in rainy season.

After getting the permission from the king he went with his friends. The forest looks fabulous in rain, lots of plants, beautiful flowers, birds & animals were there. Each and everything was looking so pure and beautiful that prince not able to stop him from enjoying nature’s beauty. He found a cave and said his companion to take shelter in that for the night.

At morning when he came out of the cave he saw the best view of his life. Suddenly he notices a girl was dancing. When he goes little closer he saw her more carefully, she was a stunning beauty. He never saw any girl like her. When she was dancing she just look like an angel cover with snow.

It was love at first sight for him. He could not able to move an inch after seeing her. After a few minutes he tries to talk to that girl. When that girl saw him she run away, he ran behind her.  He was continually calling her, “hey, please stop I will not hurt you. I want to talk to you please stop.” Suddenly that girl stops and looks back. The prince comes closer to her try to catch his breath.

That girl was smiling and say, “ you look stranger to this place. Who are you?? And why are you following me??
The prince was not able to speak anything, as he was mesmerized after seeing her. She was not just beautiful she was something else that cannot be described in words.

She has reddish brown long hair, deep green eyes yellowish complexion. She was wearing a multi color dress matching with diamond sandal.

She asked again, “ Hello, I am talking to you.”           
   “I love you,” said the prince, “Will you marry me??”
That girl smiled and said, “ Neither I nor you know each other”
“I am a prince. I never saw anyone like you in my life. When I saw you I fell in love with you.”      

 “O nice to meet you Prince. I am Rainbow,” said the girl. 
“Quite a different name,” said the prince.    
  “ Yes it is, thanks for your kind words but I can’t marry you,” said the girl.
Prince asked, “ but why, I can give you whatever you wish. I will make you happy always. I will do anything you want me to do.”

Rainbow thinks for a moment and said, “ ok, I will marry you but before you have to solve 3 questions. If you able to find the right answer then only I marry with you.”
Prince becomes happy and said, “ yes, tell me I am ready to do anything.”

Rainbow said in mysterious ways, “ As you said you never saw anyone like me. You see, I am little different like my name I am rainbow.”
Prince says, “ I didn’t get you, what you trying to say.”
Rainbow says, “ You know there is seven colors in a rainbow so my first question is ‘what each color of rainbow represent?” I will meet you here next year.
Prince asked in astonishment, “ after one year why??”
Rainbow said, “ You promised me you will do as I say.”
With heavy heart Prince comes back to his kingdom. He asked this question to all his ministers and scholar of his kingdom, but no one able to give him a satisfied answer. He was losing hope, then the oldest and the wisest minister told him, “ Prince you can find your answer in the cave of the Himalayas, but for it you have to travel alone.”


Rainbow was waiting for Prince. When Prince came he was looking more handsome & happy.
Rainbow asked eagerly, “Do you find the right answer??”
Prince said, “Yes, allows me to show you what I found.”
He cut his finger.
Rainbow asked in shock, “What are you doing??”
Prince said, “I am giving you your answer”
The first color is RED as you seeing.

RED is the color of love. As you see the color of my blood is also red, it shows that GOD made all of us with full of love.
 “ Do what you love & love what you do.”

Prince then takes her near sea and said, “Blue is the second color”
BLUE is the color of distance. Sea & oceans symbolize it. It shows us that to know better one have to see beyond the limits.
 “Balance a distance to see everything with more clarity”

Prince point his finger towards the sun and said, “ the third color is yellow.”
YELLOW is the color of energy and wisdom. Sun is a symbol of energy as without sun life is not possible.
“ To live one should take care of his/her health as without energy no one able to live.

Then Prince takes a leaf and said, “ Green color is the fourth color.”
GREEN is the color of prosperity & harmony. Plants & trees are symbolic of this.

 “ As you sow so shall you reap. If you want success, you have to sow hard work.”

Prince told her that Orange is the fifth color.
ORANGE, when red and yellow combines then they form orange. When you put your energy and do what you love then you achieve contentment.

“  If you do not able to be content about the things you do then even worlds biggest pleasure or happiness doesn’t satisfy you.”

INDIGO is the sixth color. It is the color of infinity. It symbolizes self- mastery.
“ To know another one should know himself better.”

VIOLET is the last color. Violet is a combination of red & blue. When your love able to see what others can’t then you start leading on the path, which makes you a much better person.
“ The heart has eyes that the brain knows nothing of”

Rainbow’s eyes was sparkling with tears.
She said, “ You’re so true dear I will marry you definitely.”
Prince said, “ but my love, your 2 question are still in row.”
Rainbow smiled and said, “ I know you have the answer.”
“But first you have to ask me those questions” said the prince.
“Ok, I will,” said rainbow.
My second question is, “ why I look snow white when I dance.”
“When all those seven colors combine then you able to see the real thing THE SOUL. All those colors are nothing if we don’t have that soul which always willing to achieve greatness.” Said prince.

“ Right answer.” She replied, “ My last question is why I call you after one year?”
Prince came closer to her, kisses her & said in her ear.
“Everyone wants happiness no one pains but it is not possible to get rainbow without a little rain.”

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5 Responses to !!!!!!! Rainbow !!!!!!

  1. sooo beautiful story dear………!!!!!!!!!

  2. manish daswani says:

    how sweet
    even i feel in love wid that girl rainbow:p

  3. bantu says:

    so nice….dear
    Great work & great story…..
    impresss Sis……10/10

  4. amel dora says:

    love it so much

  5. amel dora says:

    love it dear so much ❤

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