Please Listen……..

Hello readers, my today’s story is about two childhood buddies Harry & Sam. Their nature was poles apart. Harry was extrovert, vibrant, full of energy  Sam was just opposite of him, introvert, calm, shy kind of guy. But life changed for them when a girl enters into it named Tiya because unfortunately they both fall in love with her.
In this story, you know about a very important thing which most of us have but very few know how to use it. As it is also considered an art by the wisest.
Wish you a “HAPPY READING”

Harry was  sitting in his grand office in front of his manager.

Sir, they are not going to take the strike back.” The manger said in disappointment.
“Who the hell they think they are. I am the boss not they. I know how to make them right. Call a layoff. They need a lesson to learn.” Harry said angrily.
“Sir, calm down this much stress is not good for you, your BP is already very high. Dr. Advised you to go for a vacation and try to avoid any situation which bring stress.”
“How could I not take tension you know this company was my dad’s dream.” Harry said it heavily.
“Sir, I will take care of this issue and try to talk to the union leader. Please, you go for a 2-4 days vacation. Your health is more important than anything.” The manager said invitingly
Harry also knows this that his body needs rest, so he decided to go for a little vacation on a hill station. But it was not easy for Harry to not think about the problem. All time he was on the phone talking to his manager, lawyers and advisers that what can they do about this problem.
Being on vacation had meant nothing to him. On the 3rd day he calls his manger and tells him that I am coming back there is no point of taking leave when my company is in trouble.
While he was talking some kids were playing in the garden, shouting and making noise. A  little voice was irritating him most, he was not able to talk. Suddenly he turn and start shouting on a girl who making noise, ‘can’t you be quiet, don’t you see I am talking to the phone. That girl got frightened and start sobbing. 
“Jiya…..Jiya comes on your dad is waiting for you.”
A young lady was calling her.
Harry was shocked when he saw that lady that was Tiya.
When Tiya came closer to them she also gets surprised.
“Harry, it’s you! What a present surprise. It was a long time since we meet and Jiya why are you sobbing baby.” Tiya said
Jiya said, “Mom , I was trying to save uncle from falling in that hole but he starts shouting at me.”
“You are still the same Harry, you still don’t want to listen. Due to this habit you lost your childhood friend and also……..” Tiya said  in discontent.
C’mon Jiya lets go your dad is waiting for us we are getting late. You know na your dad having seminar tomorrow.”
Tiya and Jiya are gone leave Harry in a state of shock and puzzlement.

All of a sudden, he was back to 7 years. The farewell party of his college. He was very excited, the last day of college and tomorrow a new and exciting life is waiting for him & Tiya .
He was eagerly waiting for Tiya. But all his dreams scattered in a second when he saw Tiya was coming with Sam.
Though Harry and Sam were childhood buddy but Harry hate Sam from that day when Sam win the debate competition.

Harry felt insulted as he was the Champion of his college & failure was not in his dictionary.
But that not only the reason of his hatred Harry knew that Sam also like Tiya & Tiya has a soft corner for him. Harry also likes Tiya but she is more a kind of Trophy to him than love.
He tries hard to impress her & somehow he succeeded in that. Its an unbearable thing for Harry to see them together.
Harry slapped Sam in front of everyone and say to Sam, “You backstabber you broke my trust, you never be a good friend to anyone I hate you both.”
Sam said, “ Please listen to me……… Please listen to me.”
That the only sentence which Harry heard before leaving the room.
Harry comes back from this flashback.
Now he thinks, “ Was Tiya telling the truth? Have I never listened to anyone? Do I never try to understand others? Is what’s happening with me is due to this?”

Harry comes back to his hotel. He wants to meet Tiya & Sam. He calls the hotel manager & asks him, “ Is there any seminar tomorrow in this town.”
The manager told him that a well knows professor come from London to give a speech.
Harry will start waiting for tomorrow
On Seminar
A well dressed gentleman comes on the stage. Harry didn’t take a minute to recognize him. He was his childhood buddy Sam he was that Professor along with his wife Tiya and daughter Jiya.
Sam starts his speech.
Hello friends, before I say anything I want to ask one question to all of you. How many of you are hearing me or how many of you are listening me??
Confused……. What is the difference between hearing & listening? So my dear friends, “Hearing is one of the body’s five senses. But listening is an art.” If you want to achieve success in your personal & professional life then start listening. As we always have something to say but we don’t always want to listen the other.
So, stop hearing start listening.
Harry leaves the room with the sound of applause .
After one month Tiya and Sam gets a bouquet with a card. In that card its written……….
“Sorry & thanks
Sorry as I have never valued your friendship & thanks for teaching me one of the most important things in life. Listening”
Harry’s life changed as he starts listening. When he came back he call his union leader and say, “Say what you want to say I am ready to listen you.”
After listening Harry get to know how much power listening has.
As without knowing others point of view or understand what other think we never able to establish any kind of relation but when we start listen we take the first step in building that relationship.
So from next time if someone say PLEASE LISTEN pay attention and listen as Jared Sparks said…………….
When you talk, you repeat what you already know, but when you listen, you often learn something.”

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  1. hitesh mulchandani says:

    superb story mem thanks 4 d link

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  3. DEEP says:

    Awesome and moral is intresting and inspiring lved it ….

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