Be a Deaf

Hello readers, after reading the heading of today’s post you might think. What it is?? In my previous post I was talking about listening & how can listening can change our life and now I am saying, “ to be a deaf”. I may sound little confusing but don’t get puzzled, read the following story. After reading it you get to know by being a deaf (sometime) one can save him/herself from failure.

Once there was a competition. Five young school boys who were only 10 years old were given a challenge to climb a tower. And the competition began with a lot of spectators watching, including the parents of these five boys. First they ran a 100 meter race towards the tower and started climbing. The spectators were so unsure that none of the boy would able to climb and they start shouting:
  “Ah, it’s too difficult! They’ll never reach the top.”
  “Not a chance………… the tower is too high!”
One by one the boys started giving up expect a couple of them who were steadily climbing up. The crowd started shouting again…..  “No way! No one is going to make it, they all are just wasting their energy.”
Finally only one of them could reach the top. Smilingly he waved at all of them. When he came down, all gathered around him and asked:
  “ What is the secret of his success ???
The secret is ………..HE WAS DEAF!
He was not able to listen those negative and discouraging words that  demoralized other boys.
It’s human nature, he like appreciation he wants that everyone like him but when things go in another way he become sad and get dishearten. It is often found that people get discouraged very easily because of the criticism they receive from others. They feel others do not want them. And if you are a sensitive person you will encounter this wherever you go.
Now the question comes what is the solution of this???
So the answer you can find in the above story. You have to learn how and when you need TO BE A DEAF
Once a preacher said its easy to prevent our self from seeing bad things by closing our eyes, it’s easy to prevent our self from saying bad things by closing our mouth but it’s not easy to stop hearing bad things. One can only prevent him/herself from hearing bad thing by knowing which things is good & which thing is bad for him/herself.
The core thing is……… don’t ever listen to people who are negative and pessimistic & never pay attention to other’s criticism. Of course, welcome them only if they are productive.
To give up your task just because someone does not understand what you are doing is the most foolish thing you can do. Your enthusiasm is your fuel. Some people do not start any work, being apprehensive of the obstacles. Some start their work but abandon it on meeting obstacles. Some others work in spite of obstacles. The last category of people is the achievers in every field. They are the wise ones. They know how TO BE A DEAF.

As it said, “ When you reach a point internally where criticism doesn’t matter and neither does praise, is when you truly become free”

So BE A DEAF (sometime) is a wise idea as someone said, “ What the wise man do in the beginning, fools do in the end.

[ Note: the above story is said by Swami Ishwarananda]

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5 Responses to Be a Deaf

  1. manish daswani says:

    y U aLwAyS wRt SeRiOuS sToRiEs?

    • supriya says:

      First of all thanks 4 reading it
      Second i write & share which i feel can help others in some way
      & if u feel that these stories r serious than its ur thinking dear

  2. kuldeep says:


  3. hitesh says:

    niceeeee yaaaaarrrrrr

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