What you want to be ??

Hello readers, today I will start my post with a question, “ what you want to be?”
We all encounter with this question when we were kids. Our parents and teacher asked us, “What you want to be?” Most of us answer it as I want to be a Doctor or an engineer or pilot etc. These are the position, which we acquire what I want to ask or tell, is a little beyond from these positions.
Let me make this clearer with following the story of a girl name Diya who get the answer of this question with the help of her mother.
Wish you a “HAPPY READING”

“Mother ……..Mother are you listening to me or not?” Diya asked in an  irritable tone
“Yes my dear” mother said calmly
“ My life is a hell. There are only problems. My husband doesn’t give me any time, my boss is always dissatisfied from my work, my children don’t want to listen me  they think I am too strict. Whenever I try to solve a problem, a new problem come before the last one solved. I just fade up of all this.”

“Hmmmmmmm” said the mother.
“ I am little hungry, let make something to eat, do you want something?” She asked from the kitchen
“ I know this that she is not listening to me.” Diya murmured.
Mother came out of the kitchen & say, “Did you say anything dear?”
“ No. I mean yes. Your daughter is in pain and you don’t even bother to listen her. I am saying my life becomes a hell and you are offering me food. I am not in any mood to eat.” Diya said annoyingly.
“ I am your mother my love. I know you better than your own self. You’re becoming a complaint box, which I don’t want my daughter to be. Anyways I am not offering you food. I want you to make some food for me. So lets go in the kitchen, whose knows you find the solution in my little kitchen.” Said mother.
“Please mom, I am not in the mood of this.”  Diya said gloomily
“ C’mon my dear, just trust your mother.” Said mother.
Diya thought that age must start affecting my mother’s brain but she didn’t say anything and follow her in the kitchen.
“ Now take three bowls and fill it with water & boil it” said mother “ now take eggs, carrot and coffee and put them separately in each bowl of boiling water” mother instruct her.
Diya gazed her mother with a puzzled expression and said, “ You will eat all this, don’t you think it’s a little weird combination.?”
The mother said, “ Don’t look at me like this and I am not going to eat all this. It’s the solution I was talking about.”
“ I didn’t get you. How could this boiled egg, carrot and coffee solve those big problems of my life?” Diya  asked.
The mother smiled and said, “ Let me explain it. Water is the symbol of your life; boiled water is the condition where a problem or bad situation comes. Egg, carrot and coffee are three options for you to be.”
“ Tell me, when we boil egg what happened.” The mother asked
“It becomes soft and eatable
“ right”
Now when you boil carrot then what happened.
“It lost its taste and color.” Diya replied.
Now check the last thing the coffee. And say what happened to it.
“Oh, its smell beautifully. I love coffee.” Diya  said childishly
“Now, see you can be an egg, carrot or coffee when your life start boiling.” Mother said.
Mother I am getting your point but still confused. How could I be an egg or carrot or coffee. Its sound quite funny.” She said giggly
Mother laugh with her. “ Yes, its sound little funny but I believe that life is all about simplification. I always try to make every complex thing into simple. Anyways come to the point.
I am just trying to say that you always have a choice what you want to be.
1) When your life becomes tough or say it start boiling you can be like an egg i.e. You become soft and eatable, people take the advantage of your situation as you become too weak and want someone’s support.

2) You also have the choice to be like carrot i.e. You allow the situation or problem to dominate you and make you tasteless and colorless in other word it completely destroy you.

3) You can be like coffee i.e. when life reaches the level of boiling you can become more beautiful and strong and spread the smell of your strong character to everywhere. Where other get inspired from you & feel even better in your presence and like you said you love coffee others can also say they love.

As someone said, “ when something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you or you can let it strengthen you.” The choice is yours.

Diya now knows what she wants to be,
do you know what you want to be ?

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5 Responses to What you want to be ??

  1. manish daswani says:

    sUpEr SoLuTiOn

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  3. Thanks for your write down What you want to be ?? hope of light. I’ve not looked at this before. It is often a wonder what you are able uncover on the Internet.

  4. hitesh says:

    it was awesme story u made it rocking again awesme blog 🙂

  5. Hardik Gohil says:

    Thanks for this article….Its very much needed

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