My 3 Wishes

Hello readers, you may noticed that I always start my story or article with wish I always wish for many things as others. Like the countless stars in the sky we all wish for countless things some wish for good health, another for wealth, some for love, fame, power, successes etc. The list is endless. Though we all know somewhere that our all wishes may not be fulfill yet we wish. So my today’s story is about a man’s three wishes. I hope you like and enjoy this story.


“Hello buddy, how are you feeling now?” Dr. Asked David while entering in his room

 “I am just feeling ok, but my head is still paining.” David replied in a low tone.
“Oh, that is just a hangover, take this tablet, you feel better.” He said & gives him a tablet.
“Thanks” David said

 “Don’t be buddy, by the way I was not able to fulfilled you wish” Dr. said
“ What?…..What do you mean by that?” Asked David
“Oh, I am talking about you wish in which you hope you will meet those beautiful angels who lives in heaven by ending your life when you came in front of my car.”
“What rubbish is that? Who told you all this and please don’t use this word ‘WISH’ in front of me again I just hate it.” David said annoyingly
“ Hey, relax dear. I think you need someone with whom you can share your feelings mostly those which bothers you more.”
Today is Sunday and I am pretty free so do you want to come with me on a lunch date I know I am not as hot as those city girls but I am also not a bore type of person.” The Dr. said all that in such a hilarious way that David forced to give a fade smile.
Dr. said, “ So I take it as your approval. I will meet you after an hour be ready.”
Two hours later, they both were sitting at a restaurant near seashore.
Dr. Begins the talk.
“ Now, buddy I am ready to hear you, pour your heart.” Dr. said in a kind way.
David stare the lunch table for a sec then say, “ Doc, I am sorry for my behavior, you’re very kind to me but I don’t want to make myself fool again. Thanks for everything you do but…………” He leaves the sentence mid way.
“ Listen me buddy, people say I am a doctor but I believe I am a friend of those who needs help I just give them what they need not what they want” Dr. said compassionately
“ But I can’t ……….sorry” David chocked
“ I am not forcing you but I can tell you one thing that sometime giving words to our feelings is the best thing we can do for our self.” Dr. Pat his hand.
David said, “ Ok, I will tell you though I know you also think I am mad like others.”
“Don’t worry I am not a judgmental kind of person.” Dr. assured him.

David starts his story


“I was a country boy. I spent my childhood like other country boys. I had grown up listening my grandma’s fairy tales. I liked them so much that I thought someday I found that magic stick or lamp which fulfill all my wishes. One day my dreams comes true while coming back from school I found a lamp. In curiosity, I start rubbing it to my amazement a huge Genie came out from that lamp. I was horrified.
The Genie asked in his heavy voice, “ tell me what can I do for you my master, what are your three wishes?”
It takes few minutes to come out of that shock. Then my mind starts racing what should I ask???………A big car naa,……..Lots of playing games so childish naa,……. A big home naa………so what else I wish.
The Genie again asked
Then I said, “My First Wish is that I want to be a powerful man.”
“My Second Wish is that three females love me for whole life.”
“My Third & last Wish is that I will become a very rich person.”
The Genie said that your wishes are granted and he became disappear
I was so thrilled that I am eager to tell everyone what I found out. I was thinking here I am a 15 year old boy who is now getting everything that any boy could dream about……………. But here I am a 35 year old who is just a loser. I never get my 3 wishes I never become powerful you can get my point as you see me I am just a skeleton. I never meet those three females who love me. I never become rich I just earn enough to meet my needs and the worst part is I make myself fool whenever I told this story to anyone, everyone thinks I am a mad a psycho……………… I stop wishing now, I stop dreaming my life has no meaning that’s why I want to finish it.


David finishes his story and sign.
Dr. Said, “ I understand buddy but from where I can see your all wishes are granted, it’s just you are not able to see them and embrace what you get.”
David asked, “How could you say this?”
Let me explain it one by one take your first wish

You want to become a powerful man.
“ You’re a powerful man buddy. Power is not something you find in muscles power is how you use your ability effectively. You have the power to think, the power to love, the power of kindness, the power of choice. It is just if you don’t use it you will lose it. And as far as your body is concerned if you want to build your body you have to work on it as you know nothing can be accomplished without hard work.”


You want to be loved by three females all your life.
“ You told me that you have six members in your family including you & they are your mother, father, brother, wife & your daughter. It means that your second wish is also granted.”
“ Means” David asked
Do you think any woman can love you more than your mother, wife and daughter. You have those three females in your life who loves you more than herself.”


You want to become a rich person.
“ Dear never think that money makes you rich money just makes you wealthy.”
Dr. pulled a card from his jacket & hand it to David.

I asked God for strength, that I might achieve

I was made weak, that I might learn humble to obey.

I asked for health, that I might do greater things,
I was given infirmity, that I might do better things,

I asked for richness, that I might be happy,

I was given poverty, that I might be wise,

I asked for power, that I might have the praise of men,

I was given weakness, that I might feel the need of GOD

I asked for all things that I might enjoy life,

I was given life, that I might enjoy all things………….

I got nothing I asked for………. But everything I had hoped for.
Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered,
I, among all men, am the most richly blessed.”

You know buddy I am 80 years of old but I still wish I still dream and I know all my wishes and dreams comes true. You may think I am saying all this to make you comfortable but that’s not true the truth is my mother always says to me that ‘Son, if you want your wishes fulfill always try to see things from a different perspective. Things become change when you change your outlook.’

So friends never stop wishing as someone said, “ I asked GOD……… if everything already written in destiny, then why should we wish for something??……..GOD smiled & said, “Maybe in few places I written AS YOU WISH.”

Always remember what Johanna Wolfgang Goethe wrote, “ Destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way in order to give us something beyond our wishes.”

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5 Responses to My 3 Wishes

  1. Hardik Gohil says:

    Beautiful story….n It learns a lot…..

  2. manish daswani says:

    heaRt toUchiNg

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  4. riyaz says:

    very nice & feeling well better after reading your story

    • supriya says:

      Thanks for reading & its pleasure to know that my words somehow helpful to someone.
      Happy reading and thanks once again.

      Be happy, be inspired & be blessed 🙂

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