Summer Holiday with GULMOHAR

A holiday is like love – anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia.  ~Author Unknown


Hello readers, Holiday…….. This word itself brings so many memories, so much excitement and freshness which cannot be expressed in words. It’s just like that feeling of first rain comes in a hot summer day in anyone’s life. When we are able to steal some days from our day-to-day life and spend it freely that time we feel alive again.
So today’s story is about a man and his Holiday. Lets see what kind of experience he had on his Summer Holiday.

Wish you a  “HAPPY READING”

It was certain that I was lost. I was horrified and in a state of panic, what should I do now? How could I find a way in a place that is completely unknown to me? I was thinking my family and friends were right, to go for holiday in summer especially in a hot weather country like India is the most stupid thing I could ever do. But I didn’t have time for regret I had to find some way to get out of that place before its dark.
I start walking I didn’t remember how many miles I walked I felt exhausted. But to my good luck I finally reached to the main road by that time it was almost dark. I was about to cry when I saw little hope in the form of a man who was coming towards me on his bike. I stand in the middle of the road, as I didn’t want to lose my last hope. The man stopped and after that I really didn’t remember what happen next.

Next day, I found myself lying on a bed in a small but neat room. When I woke up I found hot tea near my bed, I was little scared I had no idea where I am. Suddenly I hear knocking on my door, a lady near 35 years came in. She was saying something but I was unable to understand her language. After a few minutes, I thought she also understood that I was not able to get what she trying to tell me. Then, she put a towel & soap on the table.
I took a bath and when I came back I saw that man whom I was trying to stop. He was 6th feet tall, in his early forties handsome & charming men. I was just thinking how could I say thanks to him, as I thought he also not able to understand my language. But I was amazed when he starts talking in fluent English.
He said, ‘ How are you gentlemen? I hope you are feeling well now. You were just collapsed in front of my bike so I take you at my home. Do you feel comfortable here?’

I asked stupidly, ‘ You can speak English!’

He smiled & said, ‘ Yes I do’
Thank God and Thank you
‘my pleasure. I think you are a tourist here who lost his way.’ He said
‘ Yes, I am. I came here to see real India but unfortunately I lost my way’ I replied.

‘ No, actually you didn’t lose; in fact, you come to the right place. You know if you want to see real India you must visit its village. And it will be my pleasure to show you my village. Be ready.’

He said

‘ I never forget those two days which I spent in that beautiful village with that magnificent man. We roam everywhere. I saw lakes, small huts; field where farmers were working, little wells, and many animals. I also enjoyed my ride on bull carts. The villagers were not very educated but they were very kind & humble. Though that was a hot summer day but I didn’t feel tired. I enjoyed each and everything there.’

In the evening, the man told me that he wants me to meet his best friend. I said ok as I want to explore that beautiful place as much as I could before leaving. After an hour walk we were on the main road. On both sides of the road there were lots of trees, I never saw such kind of trees from a distance they look like there are fire on their twig. I asked what they are? The man told me they are GULMOHAR

When we reached near the biggest tree of GULMOHUR the man stop and say meet my best friend. I was puzzled and said, ‘ sorry but I am not able to see where is your friend’
The man said, ‘ this tree of GULMOHAR is my best friend.’

I was confused. He read my mind and said, ‘I saw your expression when you saw me and noticed how fluently I speak English’

Now, it’s time for you to know who am I. I was hearing him carefully.

He said, ‘ my ancestor belongs to this village I born in the city and went Harvard University for my studies. I came back to India to start my business. I was a very successful businessman. I got married to a girl who was perfectly miss match for me.’

I asked him where is his wife now and he replied that the woman who woke me up today morning was his wife. ‘I thought for a while she was really a miss match for him. I didn’t mean that she was bad or something like that but where he was 6th feet tall she was 5”1. It’s just like where he was extraordinary she was an ordinary lady & she also had some problem with her right leg may be due to all that he thinks she was imperfect for him’

He said further, “ I was really very upset from this marriage. I distract myself by giving all my time to my business but my daughter’s birth changed me a lot though I still didn’t love my wife but my daughter means the world to me. But the sad thing was she was suffering from Asthma. I took her to every doctor and do all types of treatment, but doesn’t work for her. Due to all this I lose the grip on my business thing going worse for me.
Then, one day my uncle came to visit us. He was a retired army officer who was running a school in our village. He asked me why don’t I take my daughter to our village & try Ayurvedic treatment for her. That time I was skeptic however by seeing my daughter getting her health back all doubt were vanished.”
My uncle was right. He was the wisest member of our family. One day he told me that he wants me to meet his best friend.

And you know who was his best friend?
I said, ‘ you bet I know. This GULMOHAR tree.’
I never forget what my uncle told me
In the word’s of my uncle

Son, today I want to tell you two very important things which as humans we all should know that are JOY OF GIVING & TRUE LOVE.
I love this GULMOHAR tree. You know why?
I shrugged my shoulder.
You know something we cannot live without trees, plant and animals but they can live happily without us. You are an industrialist, you destroy many plants, sure you earn money but that money could not able to save your daughter only these trees, and herbs do that magic. Nature always ready to give human what they want but human always shows disrespect towards nature.’

The second thing is LOVE.
I looked puzzled where love comes with all that & how GULMOHAR related with it.

My uncle said, ‘ let me ask you a question, what is TRUE LOVE for you?’
‘ I …. I don’t know. I love my daughter I can do anything for her may be it is the TRUE LOVE for me’
‘Do you love your wife?’
I have no answer.
My uncle thought for a second and say, ‘Once one of my students asked me why should we plant GULMOHAR tree as its leaves are very tiny not able to give shade or any kind of eatable fruit.’
I said, ‘ yes, you are right but GULMOHAR teach us what is true love?’
I asked what do you mean by that.

He said you know that the flowers of GULMOHAR only comes in the month of April- May at the peak time of summer when everything lose its beauty GULMOHAR show its glory.
TRUE LOVE is like that it’s easy to love someone when things are right or say when the weather is good but it’s difficult to love someone unconditionally when things are wrong or say when the weather is bad.

Your wife is the real GULMOHAR of your life.
LOVE is when you take away the feeling, the passion, the romance and find you still care for that person.”
Since then I learn what is matter most for me, I try to be like GULMOHAR always ready to give and show my true love and glory for my love ones at time of adversity.

That was the most memorable holiday of my life. I never forget my summer holiday with GULMOHUR.

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9 Responses to Summer Holiday with GULMOHAR

  1. Hardik Gohil says:

    TRUE LOVE is like that it’s easy to love someone when things are right or say when the weather is good but it’s difficult to love someone unconditionally when things are wrong or say when the weather is bad.

    This lines are awesome.

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  3. Errol Clarke says:

    Thank you so much for your very refreshing story. It is gereatly appreciated.

  4. ciao! touching and inspiring.

  5. hitesh says:

    We should love everybody unconditionally n be lyk a gulmohar
    Thnksss mem

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