Seven Roses

Love is a verb. And it has to be at the center of our universe.”- Robin Sharma

Hello readers, how true the above line is! No one likes to be hated but to be loved. Every human relationship should be based on LOVE. Love is the most beautiful yet strong feeling of this universe. But if LOVE is life then why today it’s so easy for us to get separated to a person whom we claim, we  have loved the most. Why we only want to be loved but not ready to give it back & if we ready to give then we put conditions.

I am trying to find the reason of this in my today’s story. Hope you agree with me but if you not then its fine too, be free to leave your view on my story.

Today’s story is about a husband and wife whose marriage was going through a tough time.

Wish you a “HAPPY READING”

She knew from the past six months her married life is like a hell. Her husband whom she loved the most now became a stranger to her. Love is now a name of an unknown bird for her. But why she is thinking about all that, she has a project in hand that she has to complete and the sad part that she needed her husband help in that project.

With little hesitation she told her husband that in her office there is employ’s self improvement classes are going on and in that they have given a project.
Her husband asked, “what kind of project?”

She kept silent for a few second then said, “What’s my flaws?”
He smiled and said, “What??”
She said annoyingly, “ I know you don’t want to help me but still I asked you to help me by listing seven things you believe I could do to help me to become a better wife or person.
He was surprised by such a request and think, “ It will be easy for me to list seven things I would like to change about her and I am sure she could have listed thousand things she would like to change about me.”
But on the contrary of his thought he asked her when she is going to submit her project.
She told him that its on Saturday.
He said, “ Fine, I will give you my answer on Saturday morning as I am going on a tour & I will be back on Saturday morning.”
On Saturday morning when she opened her door she found a small bouquet of seven roses with a little note.

“My dear,
 I can’t think of seven things I would like to change about you. I love you the way you are.”

Her husband was standing in front of her with a big smile.

He hugged her and said, “ I love you and I am sorry for everything I did & said to you.”

She was surprised yet shocked what happened to him in two days.
He told her that on his journey he met an old man who lost his wife last month. He shared his story with him.
The old man told him that he married to his wife because he likes her and love her but with time he try to make her according to his own will. The old man said, “young man I waste the beautiful time of my life in finding fault in my wife. When we both need to share love, joy, happiness, we share complains, sorrow, disappointment. We forget why we married, we just regret why we married.
But one day I realized why GOD made all of us imperfect because he wants us to meet that imperfect person with whom we make a perfect life. But I was late in realizing that truth at that time my wife was no more.

Since then whenever I get the chance to talk about it to anyone I said one thing, “ Never try to change anyone accept him or her as they are. If you truly love that person then your love gives them strength to change.”

As someone said, “ For a good relationship appreciate the similarities but respect the differences.”
After hearing all she had tears in her eyes. She just said, “I love you too dear.”

Try to remember, “ As it doesn’t matter how far a bird can fly, it needs a strong base to come back. Similarly, it doesn’t matter how high we reach in our life we all need that strong base on which we can stand firmly in this selfish world.” 

So I am closing my today’s story on the quote said by Lao Tzu
 “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” 

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5 Responses to Seven Roses

  1. Hardik Gohil says:

    That’s exactly a person must love

  2. bantu says:

    ohhh….sach a wonder full…..maza aagyi padhne me…10/10 ” seven Roses” & grt title…u such…hmmhmmhm wat am i say….buvaaaaji

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  4. manish daswani says:

    heart touching

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