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Hello readers, in today’s life there is so much chaos that we almost forget the difference between living a life and spending a life. We always say that problems are now becoming a part of our life and we can never get rid of them but this thinking is our biggest mistake.
Actually, problems are not a part of our life we make our life a part of problem………… quite a different thing isn’t it ??

Problems and solution are inseparable couples just like we never find a lock without its key. But the sad thing is we concentrate our minds most of the time on problems not on finding its solution.

My today’s article is to see problems along with its solution. It’s true I am not an expert in this but I am a seeker and it said, “Only those who seek shall find.”


A teacher, while teaching in a classroom, asked the students, “Do you want war or peace?” All the students unanimously said, “We want peace.” The teacher was every happy and again asked the students, “Why do want peace?” The student said, “Because wars make history and we have to study history. Since there will be no wars, there will be no history and as such we will not have to study any history.

Everybody wants peace in the world. However, all countries are preparing for wars all time. They say they want peace but on the other hand everybody is ready their weapons all time. There are many contradictions.

Does this way anyone gets PEACE ??
Everyone wants corruption to be removed. Corruption is a symptom of greed for getting wealth immediately through unethical means.. Whichever means one adopts to get rich creates problems. We do not have money to buy everything to keep everyone happy.
If a person is earning in thousands and wants to earn in lakhs ,  its understandable. Everyone wants to earn more & be prosperous. But when someone earning in thousands wants to become a millionaire overnight, this will certainly create problems.

It is such a sad thing to note that even in primary or middle schools, children are committing suicides because of the tremendous pressures they are experiencing in their studies and at home.
Once a little girl, studying may be in third standard asked a wise man, “Uncle, I don’t have peace of mind.”
He told her, “ At your age, I didn’t know that I have a mind.”

Do we call this PROSPERITY??

These are a few problems that we are facing. We all want peace, prosperity and happiness but at what cost. Do we really understand what peace, prosperity and happiness means?

Everybody knows something is wrong, but we don’t want to find out the root cause of the problems. We are mistaken about prosperity with the level of material wealth and comforts and the pleasures of luxurious possessions. We are mistaken about happiness by owning these, and we have become slaves to these materialist wealth.

Now, let’s talk about solution, as Buddha said, “What we think, we becomes”
Everything start from the way we think if we think we need money as it can give us happiness and peace so it’s become easy for us to get corrupted. But on the other hand, if we think money can help me in living a good life but peace & happiness is totally a different thing altogether.

We cannot change the world, but we can change ourselves. Our idea of peace and true prosperity will be right when we come to recognize our inner virtues and inner values. Our thinking has to be corrected because everything starts from our thoughts. If our thoughts are correct, then all other things will also come into their right perspective places.

If you know yourself better, you can achieve better things. But seek your inner peace before seeking peace in the world.

Remember this, when an egg breaks from outside a life ends, but when an egg breaks from inside a new life born.

Every problem or its solution starts from inside don’t blame the other or find fault outside.
If we change our way of thinking then things will certainly change for better.

[ Note: Few points have taken from the lecture given by swami Tejomanyanandji ]

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