A thank you note

“Some people grumble that rose have thorns, I am grateful that thorns have rose”.- Unknown

Hello readers, today is a very special day for me. Today is the first anniversary of my blog  “ HOPE OF LIGHT”. Last year on this day 30th Aug I took the first step in that direction where my heart always wants to go.

On this occasion I want to write something special for you. For this, I am going to tell you a very special story. This story is not created by the mind of a writer but by the heart of a blessed human being (which I consider to myself).
Hope you also enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


In our life sometime we feel that no one need us, no one love us and no one damn care about how we feel. Life is suddenly meaningless for me. All those thoughts wandering in my mind. I am a looser. Yes, I am a looser. This was the name that I gave to myself on the bases of a conclusion that I failed in every sphere of my life.

While sitting near the sea shore watching happy peoples playing, dancing and enjoying their life a deadly thought came into my mind. No one would be affected by knowing that I am dead as no one even bother whether this looser exist or not.

Yes, it’s the right decision, I thought. I had decided I was not going to suffer any more I am putting an end on this miserable life.
I was on my way to go to suicide point. I was excited & feeling happy by thinking that soon I am going to be free. When I reached at the suicide point I saw a man who was already there. I thought my bad luck I have to wait till he finishes his job (of course he was also here to end his life as its not a picnic spot).

I waited for a while as I was committed to death but now I feel that life has more love for me than I have hated for her because my life take a 360 degree turn after that incident.

So I was waiting & waiting but that man who was standing on that suicide point was not at all in any mood to end his life instead he was enjoying his time there & doing something very childish.

He had many air balloons in his hand that he is tied with a little piece of paper and releasing them in the air. All that did not make any sense to me (I guess when you take a stupid decision like taking your own life nothing making any sense) for a few minutes I was staring him but when it’s unbearable for me to wait more I went & asked him, “ what are you doing here?”
He replied without looking at me, “I am sending a thanks note to my mother”

My immediate thought was “he is a mad man” but with little curiosity I said, “ In today’s life people are so selfish that they hardly say thanks to the alive one and here you are saying thanks to your dead mother why ?? May I know”

That man didn’t reply to me but after he released all balloons he starts talking to me. He said, “You’re right my friend now we become so self centered that we hardly noticed how much we blessed.”
I thought how easily he said all these things, he had no idea what my life is all about its not a blessing but a curse.
I asked, “How could you say that??”
The man said, “ I can say as I know the power of the word ‘THANK YOU’”
I was puzzled but still want to know his story.
The man starts saying………
“ I lost my mother at the age of 16. A crucial time of anyone’s life where you’re neither a kid nor an adult. My world collapsed as my mother was the only support I had.
I decided to ruin my life just to show GOD that he had no right to take away the most precious thing from my life.

You could imagine how I ruined my life by being a drug addict; a thief and above all I became a sinner. I hate those people who said be thankful for your life, we all are blessed. All those things was just rubbish for me.

But in the middle of all that something happened in my life, which completely changed me as a person & also my outlook towards life.

One day I found an old diary of my late mother. She loves to capture her life in the form of writing. The last page of her diary was dedicated to his son. I guess she wrote those words in immense pain but with a heart of full of love for me.”

In her diary she wrote…………
“Today was also one of the best day of my life. I am able to see, to touch & to show my love to my child once again. How blessed I am GOD as I have my son in my life. Thank you for everything you give me.”

I was surprised after reading her diary. How a woman who knows that she is going to die at any moment can show gratitude to GOD who is responsible for her suffering. While thinking these things a letter fall from her diary.
In her letter………….
My son,
We both know that soon I am not able to be with you. I know you miss your mother but my love it’s not an end of life. Life is a blessing from GOD. Be thankful for whatever you have in your life
You know when the first time I able to hold you in my arms from that moment I am saying thanks to GOD as he gave me you.
Each morning when I open my eyes I say thank you to GOD to make me able to see & love my child more.
My son I know it wouldn’t be easy for you to live without your mother. But remember we have no control on what will be happen but we have control what is happening now.
Cherish every moment today because it is going to be wonderful memories for tomorrow.
Be thankful
Love you forever
Your mom
Till that day I am thankful for everything & everyone in my life. I often come here & send balloons with a thank you note to my mother and when ever some one come to end his/her life here I share my story with them. I do my best to save their life. Life is a precious gift of GOD my dear give thanks for a little and you will find a lot and I bet you don’t get any valid reason to end your beautiful life.”

So my dear reader it’s a little thank you note from my side for all your love & support
As it said, “ Who does not thank for little thing will not thank for much”


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7 Responses to A thank you note

  1. manish daswani says:

    heart touching
    Loved it ❤

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  3. This is a beautiful story and I am so glad to have read it this morning. Thank you 🙂

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