A letter without an end

 “ If you’re able to put your feelings & emotions on a piece of paper then you can able to touch the heart of the reader

Hello readers, letter writing was one of the most beautiful things invented by humans. I am saying it ‘was’ as in today’s techno world we almost forget how to write letters. I still remember how beautifullly my grandpa used to write me letters. He always said, “ if you’re able to put your feelings & emotions on a piece of paper then you can able to touch the heart of the reader”

So today I am showing you a letter. A letter without an end. Hope this letter touch your heart.


My Dear Love,
After reading the first sentence you may get surprised or shocked but believe me it is the truest sentence I ever write to anyone. After a long period of time I am able to find you and above that I am able to tell you about my feelings that I always want you to know.

You entered in my life when life had no meaning for me. I was a so called bad boy, child of a separated parent, failed in relationship and living a life without any purpose……………… but with the magical touch of yours I start living again.

I don’t know when I had felt that way for you but I can say my life became changed just because of you.

Love had been just a word for me till you came and give it’s a meaning. You introduce a new person to me who was just the hidden part of my own self.

I  was  always be your “ JUST A GOOD FRIEND” but you always mean a lot to me. I felt sad when I see other couples but now I realize love doesn’t need any tag or name. Love is just love nothing more.

I want to know why I feel so for you. Why I love you???
Yes I do. I love you more than you can imagine.
“A hundred hearts would be too few
To carry all my love for you.”
~Author Unknown

The answer I get is love has the magic. It gives us strength to stand firm in adversity, it gives us courage to walk in the direction of the unknown, it inspires us, it encourages us.

Love inspire me to be the best person I could be…………. You know what the best compliment I get till today is “ you’re a good person”………. And it’s all because of you , you help me to know what is love………. You guide me when I lost, you support me when I was weak, you enlightened me all through today what I am is just because of you. You teach me  that the best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself.

Now I want to tell you why I started my letter with ‘ my dear love’
I try  to give you a name but I find nothing which can define you so I decide to call you “LOVE” as in this single word I find you my life, my world, my inspiration, my happiness my everything.

Now after reading all this you might think what’s the use of all these as we both have our own world to live. I also think like this before writing this letter to you.

The doctor who is giving treatment  to you is my cousin. He told me about you & your pain & suffering…………..You know what the most painful thing in this world is to see your love one in pain. I am writing this letter to tell you that life still has meaning…………. I don’t want you to love me but I want you to live a life full of love, hope & happiness.

You don’t need to find someone to love you, as love is always inside you.
 No one loves you, you have to make yourself lovable ………. It’s your word dear …………..and you are the most lovable person I have  ever known.

Dedicate few lines of my favorite poem to you

Remember the special people always will be,
Ingrained in our heart and memory,
Look through the tears, the sorrow, the pains,
Reflect on the thoughts you want to retain.

Remember the love, the warm embrace,
Remember the touch, the smiling face,
Remember the person so gentle & kind,
Who always was caring in action and mind,

Always remember, never forget,
People live in our heart,
And if you remember the person within,
The spirit will never depart.

There is so much to say so much to write I don’t know how to end this letter……… so I am stopping writing but not loving ………..Love you♥ ♥ ♥

So friends never leave a chance to write letters to your dear one as someone said, ” Letter are the most significant  memorial a person can leave behind them”.

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3 Responses to A letter without an end

  1. i love u di……realy heart touchng lettr…..

  2. manish daswani says:

    cant write letter fo u…… 😦
    But u’ll always b there in my mind dear 🙂

  3. Hardik Gohil says:

    “I don’t want you to love me but I want you to live a life full of love, hope & happiness.” I love this line….. and by the way you remind me the one of my favorite dialog of all time.
    “Main Apni Favorite Hoon” – JAB WE MET

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