Hello readers, newness always inspires me for this I always try to learn, write or share something new. Today, I am going to introduce a new category to my blog “POETRY”  under this category you will going to read some of the most wonderful poems ( according to me).  Some poems are written by me, some from world’s famous poets & some from unknown writers but the aim will be same to touch your heart and bring a peaceful smile on your face. Hope you like this.

















I ask for nothing
No one needs to know
I would only wants the best
For the work that I show

Join our crew
And you can see 
What it is we’re about
The way that we see

All that is touched
All that is seen
All that we know
And all that we think

Put into poetry
That’s the only key
– Unknown 




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3 Responses to POETRY

  1. manish says:

    awesome poetry truely written

  2. hitesh says:

    nIce pOetRy meM..:)

  3. Hardik Gohil says:

    Thanx for reminding old me… 🙂

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