You can

The biggest achievement of my life will not be,
The fame I have,
The money I earn,
The love I do,
But it will be that little step which you take,
When you feel life is unfair to you,
That time a little memory of mine,
Will come into your mind,
Which mix-up with your smile,
And whisper in your heart,
O my dear O my dear,
There is so much more inside in you
That you ever knew,
Yes I believe you can do you can do.


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5 Responses to You can

  1. hitesh says:

    nYc pOeM ji thNx thnX thnX ji ❤ ❤

  2. Hardik Gohil says:

    One of the best of you…!

  3. Manish says:

    the best words whch can encourage a person nd make her to feel like he is best as he is

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