I am ready to give up.

Hello readers, when I wrote ‘ I am ready to give up’ the first thought that came in my mind is that I am showing my cowardliness to others I am accepting that I am a loser. As (not only me) we all learned that life is a race we have to compete to win as winners are only considered successful in this world but in such kind of rat race we forget that we were placed on this earth to create not to compete.   “GIVE UP” is always considered as a negative word and if I elaborate it little more its a silent acceptance of defeat.

But when I tried the concept of “GIVE UP” (with a different perspective) I feel more peaceful, happy, confident and content. The thing I am going to share with you is like a self-dialogue with myself. It helps me a lot & I hope it does the same thing for you. We just need to know what we want to give up and when.


I am ready to give up. I give up the need to win. My self worth is no longer tied to winning or losing. I love myself and am worthy regardless of wins and losses that are part of the game of life. I understand that the need to win comes with the fear of losing and that winning and losing are two sides of the same coin. I am also aware that a short-term loss could become the stepping-stone to a huge win in future if only I am willing to learn my lessons from the loss.

The dedication and sincerity, which with I perform the tasks I undertake, is more important to me than the result, which is not always in my control. When I give up the need to win I am able to give my 100% at whatever task I take up. I am able to perform my work in complete detachment from the fruit of my actions, which ironically increase my chance to win.

Remember “Giving up doesn’t mean you’re weak sometime it mean you’re strong enough to let go”

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3 Responses to I am ready to give up.

  1. Hardik Gohil says:

    But when I give up, I can’t sleep at night peacefully…there is always something inside of me which pushes me every time to try harder….:)

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