The best job

Hello readers, work is an important part of our life, whether it’s a household work, running a business or doing any kind of service. Reason of doing a job could vary from person to person. It could be for survival, satisfaction, happiness or pleasure it all depend how you see your job.

My today’s story is about a man named David. David was in search of the best job for himself. Although he was an owner of a luxurious hotel having everything he wants but still in his heart he feels emptiness. He has a thought that he is not doing the best job and the problem was he didn’t know which job or kind of work should be called the best job for him.

So with the help of David I also try to find what “ THE BEST JOB” is all about.

David was sad. He was confused. There were so many questions wandering in his mind. Did he choose the right career option or not. What happened if he chooses science & became a Doctor or join army or some kind of social work. Is the current work/ job the best job for him or he should change it. He needs answers but only questions coming into his mind.

He thought he needed a break and get some fresh air may be his mind open up in the open air. So he takes his car keys and went to a long drive. After a mile he reached by a bridge. There were few people on that bridge few couples, children, street players, craft sellers, etc.

One thing caught his attention a street painter was painting a very beautiful painting of the moon. His work was flawless. A little girl was standing near him watching and smiling at him. When he finished his work he gave his painting to that little girl. The girls gave him a toffee and kiss him and run away.

David went near that painter and said, “ You’re a very good painter. Your painting is marvelous. Is she your daughter??”
The painter replied with a smile, “ Thank you gentleman for your appreciation and she is not my daughter. She was just an admirer of my work.”

The painter asked him, “ Do you want me to paint for you.?”

David said, “No, I am not here to buy anything. Actually I am in search of some answer. But now I thought I am just wasting my time.”

The painter said, “Hmmm, if you don’t mind and if you feel ok could we talk for a while may be I can help you.”

David thinks for a moment then told him about his search of the best job.

David said further, “ Just like you do painting it would be your the best job. I want the best job for me……..I don’t think I find the best job for myself as I feel emptiness inside of me.”
The painter said, “ Yes, I do painting but I am not a painter.”

David looked at him puzzled and asked, “ Then who are you and what you do?”
He said with a little philosophical tone, “I am a creator and I create memories for others.”
David asked, “ What do you mean by that?”
The painter replied, “ No one will remember how much money I earned or how famous I was. They only remember what I give them as memories whatever I am doing now is going to be a memory for this I want to create or do something worthy to remember.”

The painter said further, “ From my point of view if you take your example you can also be a creator & find your best job.”
David asked “How?
The painter said, “ People come to your hotel for holiday.  Try to make their experience worthy, give them a world class service, meet them with such generosity that they forget they are far from their home.”

The best job is not a certain kind of work one can do. The best job is giving your best and creating lasting memories for others.
“Did you ever see TAJMAHAL??”
David replied, “Yes I do but why are you asking this?”
The painter asked, “ What you think about it??”
David said, “ It’s an incredible thing. I never forget the day when I saw it.”
The painter said, “ That’s called the best job. People know this that Shaha Jahan made the TAJMAHAL in memory of his beloved wife but people  also appreciate those people who gave their contribution in making such a masterpiece.”
So my point is clear the best job in this world is creating an everlasting memory as a few years after no one will remember how rich you were but will remember the impact you made on their mind & hearts.

If you’re a business man create memories for your customer, if you’re a Doctor let your patient to remember you as a healer and if you’re just a normal guy talk & behave in such a way that whoever meets you will remember you as his/her best memory.

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7 Responses to The best job

  1. Hardik Gohil says:

    “The best job in this world is creating an everlasting memory as a few years after no one will remember how rich you were but will remember the impact you made on their mind & hearts.”

    This is the best I can get from you…. 🙂

  2. manish daswani says:

    gud 1 ever

  3. hitesh says:

    awesomeeeeeeee story u rock it again>>

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