First Step

     “Faith is taking the first step even you don’t see the whole staircase.” -Martin Luther King, Jr
Hello readers, do you every thought which factor or thing stop us from going before our dreams. That factor is fear. Walking on a completely strange path is  the most fearful thing to do. You know where you want to go but you have no idea which road should be taken. Fear of the unknown is the biggest fear of life.

We are not scared of the dark,
We are scared what’s in it.
We are not afraid of heights,
We are afraid of falling.
We are afraid the people around us,

We are just afraid of rejection.
We are not afraid to love,
We are just afraid not to love back.
We are not afraid to let go,
We are just afraid to accept the reality.

We all have our own fear and in the journey of life we always meet our fear. My today’s story is all about fear & how a girl learns to overcome from her fear and realize the truth that we are not born with fear we learn it.



At the dinner table mother asked Ira, “ Honey, Have you decided?”
Ira kept silent. She didn’t want to discuss it all once again.
Mother asked again, “ Dear, I am talking to you. Say to me what are you thinking. What you decide about your life?”
Ira said annoyingly, “Mom, please stop asking me all these questions again and again I am tried  from these questions. I don’t know what to do.”

Mother said politely, “ Dear, tell me what your problem. It was your dream to become Architecture. Now you finally get your degree and getting an internship under world famous Architecture for which you waited so long why  are you behaving like this. Please tell me what’s the issue?”
Ira said, “ I know mom it’s the biggest opportunity anyone can have. I also know how much hard work I did for this & how badly I want this but I am fearful mother.”
Mother asked, “ Why you feel fearful?”
Ira replied, “ What will happen if something went wrong? What will happen if I fail?
What will happen if I am not able to fulfill my dream? My life will be finished before it starts. I know all these thoughts are negative but I am feeling helpless I don’t know what to do.”

Mother gave her a glass of water & try to make her relax and said, “I understand dear but for now don’t think too much about it. You know sometime not thinking is the best thing you can do for yourself. For changing your mood we both will go to visit at your sister’s home. Do you know your nephew starts learning walking.”
Ira nodded.

Next day Ira and her mother went to her sister’s home where her sister greets them nicely. When they all were busy in their talks her ten-month-old nephew who was crawling on the floor got up and try to walk. He got up and then fell down and cried. His mother ran to him, picked him up and said, “ It’s alright son. That is a part of growing up. You will fall down, but get back up and try again. If you don’t get back up, you will never learn to walk; and if you never learn to walk you will never learn to run. Remember, falling down is a part of life……………. It’s okay. He stops crying and start again.”

Ira mother said to her, “ Did you hear what your sister just said to his son?”
Ira said,  “Yes I do.”

Mother said further, “I just want to tell you this that it’s okay if you not succeed or say fail sometime in life. Winning or losing is not important what is the most important thing is keep moving towards your dream. Remember, you might be down sometime in life but as long as you are trying you do not have to be out. A child never learns how to walk if he feel fear to take the first step………. My love, success is not what you get in the end success is what you became in the process.”

Ira hugs her mother & said, “ Thanks Mom for showing me that nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.”

Ira was ready to take the first step towards the unknown.

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3 Responses to First Step

  1. Hardik Gohil says:

    success is not what you get in the end, success is what you became in the process. – For You 🙂

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