Remote Control

Hello readers, we all are familiar to the “REMOTE CONTROL”. When I was a kid my brother & me often fight for remote control of the TV. It’s like one who has it will have the power. But now I feel that was a silly thing which most of us do in our childhood. You might think writing on a topic called “REMOTE CONTROL” is itself a silly thing to do then why I am doing this. I will make it clear to you, as I always believe life biggest lesson comes in life simplest thing.

So wish you a “ HAPPY READINGtv remote control Nick always believed that his angry nature is due the people around him and those situations that always go against but as It said if we don’t able to learn a particular less than life send the perfect person to teach us in an unusual way. Nick also learned his lesson in an unusual way to understand that others never responsible for the action we take remember the choice is always ours.

Nick was holding a remote control and surfing on TV from channel to channel when his mother shouted again. He was already very upset, as he was about to lose his job. It was his third job and like last two ones he was going to be fired again. The reason behind it was his ANGER on which according to him he has no control because others always find a way to make him angry.

He threw the remote and leaves the room without saying anything to his mother. He was thinking why don’t people get that a person wants peace sometime in his life, why can’t they leave me alone.
In that angry mood he straight went to his uncle’s home. Uncle Sam was like a father figure for him whenever he needs any kind of help or suggestion he always call him. Uncle Sam was watching TV that time. Nick sat near him took the remote control and tuned to his favorite sport channel. Uncle Sam knew that he was going through a tough time and no one but he himself is responsible for his condition.

He leaves him alone and come back after a few minutes with two big glass of milk shake. Then he took the remote control and switch off the TV.
Nick said in an angry voice, “ What’s this you can see I am trying to watch TV?”
Uncle Sam said, “ You are not watching TV. You are just trying to distract yourself from your situation.”
Nick said, “ So what I am not in good mood & please don’t talk like mom. She makes me more angry. At least I expect her to understand my condition but no she doesn’t want to hear me. She thinks it’s all my fault.”
“ Because you leave your remote control to her.” Said Uncle Sam.
Nick asked, “ What……. What you mean by my remote. Am I looking like a TV.”
Uncle Sam said calmly, “Actually, most of us become like TV whose remote control we give to anyone we interact.”
Nick said, “ I don’t get your point.”
Uncle Sam said, “ Let me clear this to you. We are like TV where numbers of channels are running . The name of these channels is anger, hurt, hatred etc. We never keep the remote control with us at contrary most of the time we give it to others. And as you know one who have the remote have the power to control the TV and see what he/she wants to see.”
Nick annoyingly said, “ You make me confused. What all this TV, channels, remote control. I am not a TV and no one can control me through any remote.”

Uncle Sam said, “Calm down dear let me finish it first. Suppose, someone said or do something, which you feel bad. What will do then?”
Nick replied, “ Oh I get angry and teach that person a lesson which he will remember all his life. I did it before also.”
Uncle Sam said, “Yes, that person press the button of anger. You choose to react not to respond because you give your remote control to that person’s hand. There is a difference between reacting and responding. In reacting you give your  control to someone or something else over you, where in responding you take the control and have a command over how the situation and people influence you.”
Nick said, “ Do you mean my anger is not due to others or situation, it’s purely my choice to react or respond?”
Uncle Sam said, “ Yes my dear, and  remember you cannot control what happens to you, but you can control what you do about it. ANGER is only one letter short of DANGER due to this anger your job is in danger
Nick got his point and makes a commitment to himself that he will not give his remote control to anyone else.

So my dear readers through this little story I just want to tell you that  though we have no control how people and the situation will come to meet us still we have the power to control many things in our life. Hold the remote control in your hand and run those channels that you want to show others. Calmness instead of anger, smile instead of frown and love instead of hate.

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4 Responses to Remote Control

  1. Hardik Gohil says:

    Finally you came with the ultimate solution which we talk everytime…. “The choice is always yours” 😀

  2. Indeed the choice lies with each one of and your post is a beautiful reminder to that.



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