Question of Marriage

Hello readers, marriage is a turning point in one’s life. When you are single life is all about you and yourself but when you get married life is more about us and ourselves.
My today’s story “ Question of marriage” is about a young man who want to get married but the question is whom he should marry as there is three girls ready to be his bride.
Hope he finds his answer and we find a valuable lesson.

Once upon a time there was a young man who ready to get married but his problem was that his three ex-girlfriend came back and pleaded him to marry one of them. As he had a relationship with all of them and each one of them are good enough to be his wife, this thing make him unable to take any decision, sometime too many choices also create too much confusion.

As girlfriends they all have certain good qualities along with some weakness due to that he broke up. But he also knew the truth when a girlfriend becomes your wife things change in dramatic ways. He also don’t want to regret at his decision in the future after all it’s a matter of his life.

Before making any decision he thought he need a deep thinking on this matter for that he went to the lake as he thought in solitude he might able to see and think in right perspective.

At that lake, he found a sage who often came there for fishing. They both know each other but hardly interact. That day they talked and the sage asked him why he looks so disturbed?………… The man told him about his situation.
The sage asked him to briefly explain his experience with his girl friends.

The man starts telling him………
he said, “ When I was 12 years old I met my first girlfriend. She was very simple girl and maybe that’s the reason I attracted towards her, you can say someway I grown-up with her. But one quality of her I really disliked and due to that I broke- up with her.
Though she never forced me for anything but she always interjects me whenever I do anything. That made me frustrated and creates more confusion in my mind. So I decided we couldn’t take this relationship far so it’s better to break up. When I told her about my decision she became very sad and just said that she loves me always and whenever I need her she will always be there for me.”

“I was 18 years old when I met my second girlfriend in college. She was the prettiest girl I ever saw. There was a certain kind of charm in her that makes anyone mesmerize. It was hard for anyone to take his or her eyes off of her. Wherever we go people get jealous by seeing us as a couple and secretly I love it. I felt we both are deeply in her.  But she was arrogant due to her I lose many good friends of mine, as she didn’t like those who don’t appreciate her beauty. Due to her arrogant nature and attitude I broke with her. When I told her about it she just said she was upset and I am making a mistake as leaving her means I reject the light and accept the darkness.”

“ I was 26 years old when I met my third girl friend in my office. She was neither simple nor very pretty but still very attractive. I felt a kind of temptation towards her and it was hard for me to control my emotion. Though she was always ready to help me yet I feel insecure. She also little flirty or say other also feel the same way about her as I do. I always feel a deep sense of jealously whenever I saw her talking with others. And one day she declared she was not going to be with me. I beg her not to do this to me I had two failed relationship and I am not strong enough to lose one more time .She said she also loved me but as I didn’t respect and value her in the real sense  she was leaving me”

The man sigh and said further, “After all this happened I never dare to be in any relation and now when I am ready to move on in my life. They all come back. Now I don’t know what to do.”

The sage nodded and after a few minutes of thinking says, “ Go and marry with your first girlfriend you never going to regret.”

And gave him his blessing. The man hugged him and leaves with a smile on his face.


One of his pupils watching and listing their conversation came and asked him why he advised him to go and marry the first girlfriend why not the second or third one.

The sage explained him..
“His third girlfriend was money. Money always feels attractive. Money is something not everything but we believe it is everything. Due to this we feel tempted and insecure about it. We also feel sometime jealous when we find someone have more than us. Treat it well it will serve you, treat it bad it will destroy you.”

“Money is not evil, the love  for money is evil”

“His second girlfriend was fame. When we become successful fame comes in a natural way. Face of fame is very attractive no one takes eyes off of it. But when it goes on your head it makes you arrogant. Arrogant only likes flattery kind of people if someone said something against you ( though it is for your better) arrogant dislike it. But the sad thing most of us believe that its  a price which we have to pay for success and if we don’t do so we reject  the light & accept the darkness. Remember, a lamp doesn’t speak, it simply introduces itself through its light. So enjoy the fame  you have but never allow it to go over your head.”

   “ The tree that has the most fruit is the tree that bends to the ground.”

“His first girlfriend was his SOUL. Your soul always knows where you need to go. It’s always interject you because it wants you to hear your heart not the society or people those want you to be the same like the rest but you are not here to be anyone’s copy. Your soul wants you to be always a first- rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. That’s why it says SOUL MATE not money mate or fame mate.”

“Don’t Gain The World & Lose Your Soul, Wisdom Is Better Than Silver Or Gold.” 

One who chooses his soul, fall in love with it and take care of it one day the whole world value him.

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4 Responses to Question of Marriage

  1. manish daswani says:

    where the sage is…?
    Even i’m need of appointment :(:

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  3. Ieonaa says:

    Beautiful story. On a simple explanation route, not so deeply thought-out, I would have picked the first girl too as she was kind, always there for him, ready to love him always. She might have been a bit needy but a much stable and wiser choice than those two, in my opinion.

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