Hello readers, Christmas, New Year, birthday, anniversary celebration are part of life or say life is a celebration in itself and we always find some reason to celebrate it. Good food, Good music and dance are essential element of any party.
As a student of life I always try to learn some lesson from everything that comes in my way. Today I am going to share some interesting lesson of life from the most famous system of eating food at parties that is BUFFET.

C12-6-21-Enjoying the dinner buffet

Self Service
In Buffet system of food serving you has to serve for yourself. Yes, you can help others also but basically everyone has to serve food for them.
Similarly, in life no one going to give you everything that you want or dream of, you have to work hard for making your dreams come true.

                 “People can walk with you but not for you on the road of life”

Taste it
In Buffet there are many types of food some are familiar to you or some are new to you.  Tasting is the best way to know how the food is, as everyone’s taste is different from each other.
Likewise, in life too we can’t always learn from the books or from others experiences. For learning we have to experience it by our self.
                “People never learn anything by being told, they have to find for                   themselves”

Different Cuisine
As we know in Buffet there are different type of cuisine is available. Some are spicy, some are sweet, and some are salty and so on. We take that which we like to eat. Its completely depend on our choice.
In life, we meet different kinds of people some are nice some are not, some are hard to please some are easy. But the choice is always ours we choose whom we allow to come in our life and who need to go out of two.
                “You make your life by the choices . Life is a sum of your choices”

Many  stalls
Many stalls are present in Buffet ready to serve you all kinds of delicious food. But we are not alone who come to eat if we stuck on one stall we not only prevent others to move on but we also leave the chance of tasting other delicious food which is waiting for us on another stall.
Similarly, Life never stops for anyone we stuck our self in the past. By being stuck with certain experience, feeling or memories we clog our self to enjoy all the marvelous experience that are waiting to embrace.

             “If you can’t say goodbye to your past, then you just can’t say hello  to your future.”

Avoid over fill your plate
It’s not a rule or part of manners in BUFFET but I like to include it here. I saw many times due to their love for food people many times over fill their plate with food and that habit spoil all the taste of food. You should always avoid it if you want to enjoy the meal fully.
In life, whenever we try to do everything we ended with nothing. Be selective, be focused.

                       “ To enjoy everything we must start with something”

Enjoy the Food
At the end the main purpose of BUFFET system is that everyone enjoys food with each other’s company and have a good time. For that you have to be patient as it said you can’t enjoy food, art and a book in a hurry.
Life also is all about enjoyment, sharing and living. In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.

                                “Enjoy life. There is plenty of time to be dead.”

2361683-395521-illustration-of-party-card-on-white-backgroundIn the end my favorite quote, ” LIFE MAY NOT BE THE PARTY WE HOPED FOR, BUT WHILE WE’RE HERE WE SHOULD DANCE

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  1. Hardik Gohil says:

    Enjoy the life like food 🙂

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    heheehee nycccc yr….thnxji fr d link

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