2AM Surprise

I hate mobile phones very much. It’s quite irritating for me. Whenever I want some peace, this little monster start beeping or ringing. As I was living far from my family I have to tolerate its company. That day I was very upset due to workload and the hectic schedule of my professional life and problem of finding a new place for living.

Now, I understand why everyone wants his or her own home. It’s much better to live in your on place rather than pay and live with dead people. I am not joking. Where I had used to stay, as a paying guest there had been a graveyard just behind that house. It was so scary that sometime I woke up at midnight.

But I was unaware of the fact that the most scary & shocking night was waiting for me. At 2:00 Am my monster phone beeps. I didn’t want to check it but then thought it might come from my family. But as soon as I checked that I start shivering. It was a picture of the graveyard. My mind started wondering who the hell sent me this pix. All those ghost which I saw in my nightmares was becoming alive. Am I still dreaming?

When I was trying to figure out what is all about I heard a knock on my door. It is useless to say what would be my condition at that point of time. I want to scream but the words refuse to come out of my mouth.
I put my hand on my heart & keep repeating ALL IS WELL ….ALL IS WELL ….There is nothing to fear ……I am a brave girl….

Slowly I opened the door and what I saw was more shocking than the picture. There was my boyfriend standing there whom I hadn’t me from last six months, smiling like an idiot holding a bouquet and cake along him my whole family and friends standing there. Saying aloud ” HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO YOU”

Everyone laughing at me & I was standing like a funny statue. That was the best surprise of my life though it was shocking, it gave me a memorable memory.

After cutting the cake I asked whose idea it was. My boyfriend came near to me & whisper in my ear, ” People say rest in peace when someone die but how would I rest in peace if it will not in your arms.” I put my hand on his mouth & only able to say, ” I LOVE YOU IDIOT”

“True love is like GHOST, which everyone talks and few have seen.”
― François de La Rochefoucauld

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6 Responses to 2AM Surprise

  1. Good thing you didn’t have a heart attack.. 🙂 Love the post! ❤

  2. Ajay Gabrani says:

    Nyc Love Story Supriya I Lyk It…..& It Was Scary Also But It Defines True luv Of Her Boyfrnd.. 🙂

  3. ciao! luvFAB imagination…the things we do for love.

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