Midas Touch

Hello readers, we all heard the story of King Midas who was a follower of Dionysus, and was rewarded by Dionysus with the gift of making everything he touched turned into gold. It was an old fable. But  I have some question. Does king Midas still exist?
Does anyone still have the Midas touch?

Through my today’s story I am searching answer of these questions and I would like to invite you in this quest.


I was tired of life’s struggles. Each day I woke up with this thought that something good will happen and my life will change forever but in the end of the day all my aspirations die its usual death.

Life had been just an unwanted burden, which I was carrying. My all friends find success in their life except me. Sometimes, it seems to me that they all have the Midas Touch with that they can even turn sand into gold. Why doesn’t GOD give me such power?

That was my routine pattern of thinking. I cursed my destiny and myself for all my troubles till that day when I received his invitation card. As it said, “ A single moment has the power to alter life from up to down.” The same thing happened with me but the only difference was my life turned from down to up.

One day when I opened my door I found an invitation card. Invitation cards make me more depressed. It seems that the person who invites me want to show me, “ Hey see I make it, idiot you can’t.”

Anyways I opened that card and read it. It was an invitation of an opening of a restaurant from Mr. Edward. I re-read the name of the owner and try to recall who is Mr. Edward. But I failed to remember his name. But apart from that the most shocking thing was I was invited as the Guest Of Honor.
By reading my name in place of guest of honor make me laugh. Who is this stupid! I decided to go and find out who invites me.

The next day when I reached there I found a few familiar faces along with a few strangers. That restaurant was small but beautiful. Suddenly, I heard my name when I turned my back I saw Mr. Eddy. He was my old neighbor.

“Nick…..Nick here is you !” Said Mr. Eddy. “ I thought you didn’t get my invitation.”
His invitation. He is the owner of this restaurant. This old man who only did accounts, in his life now become an owner of a restaurant. Life has always played a bad joke with me. My old self-pity thoughts came back.

Anyways I told him that I am happy for him and congrats him on his success ( though I didn’t mean a single word that I said)

Come lets go I want to show you our restaurant and meet some people.

OUR…. I was surprised by this kind of kindness and one question is still bothering me, “why in the world I am the Guest Of Honor?”

We reached at the center where Mr. Eddy signaled me to set down. I followed his instructions.

Ladies and gentlemen before we start the inauguration I would like to share some words or I’ll say, a story with you. As you all know there is a story behind every success and mine is not an exception.

“This all started five years ago. I lost my wife recently. The only woman whom I loved the most. My only son left this country with his family to settle down in a board.
I was all alone & lonely. I lost all hope and charm of life. I didn’t able to find any reason to live. Though I was alive, my life was ended for me.

One day when I was sitting lonely in front of my door. Nick came, he was my old neighbor he spent his teenage years in my neighborhood.
He asked me about my wife and myself. I told him that now I am a retried and lonely person as my wife left me alone in this world.
He felt sorry for me like the others but he said something that no one before bother to say.

He asked me that did I still make cakes and cookies and also told me that how his brother & he loved to eat them as they are the best cakes and cookies they ever tasted.
Hearing all that surprised me. Cooking was my hobby and as my wife loved to eat cakes and cookies I made them only for her. I had no idea that she ever gave them to anyone else.

Nick left with a promise that someday he will come to eat those tasty cakes & cookies. Nick’s words touched me deeply. I start my cooking again. I start making cakes & cookies often I give them to my neighbor, relatives, friends. I also start taking cookery classes. Soon I got orders for birthdays, parties, weddings etc.

Today this restaurant is the result of that touch. All credit goes to Nick’s magical words rather than I would like to say it Midas Touch, which turned this old man’s life into gold.
My wife used to say that we all have a Midas Touch we just need to use it.”

My life has changed since that day. Now I know I also have the Midas Touch.
How right Mr. Edward’s wife was when she said we all have the Midas touch.

When I appreciate someone genuinely.
When I encourage someone.
When I am able to give a smile to a stranger.
When I am able to put a smile on someone’s face & make him or her happy.
When I show my kindness & gratefulness.
When I give my time to someone.
And above all when I love unconditionally.

Remember we all have Midas Touch & many times in life we are not able to know how many lives we touch but even without knowing it we all touching each other’s lives daily.

Life is not about you; it is about everyone else in your life. Reach out and touch someone today, and it doesn’t have to be physical. Touch their heart with yours. …………..Love to live and live to love.

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15 Responses to Midas Touch

  1. Ajay Gabrani says:

    Superb Story….yaar……And We Never Know What Happens In Life Anywhere…. 🙂

  2. yarnspinnerr says:

    Inspiring read. 🙂

  3. hiteshmulchandani says:

    awesme story..i just lovd it..yes its true that v hav magic in ourselves..i jst hav to b confident on ourselves n use it properly..

  4. quirkybooks says:

    How beautiful. It must have been a great feeling to be appreciated so much.

  5. Mocha says:

    lovely…absolutely lovely…

  6. seeker says:

    This is a beautiful story. Whether it’s true or not, the story has a Midas Touch.

  7. supriya says:

    Thank you so much for you lovely words 🙂

  8. Win Quibids says:

    Great blog 9/10! Bookmarked 🙂

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