Before the ashes, fire.

Before the storm an uneasy
And restless quiet;

Before lighting, the deep
And rumbling thunder.

 Before the fox,
The hunting  game;
Before the hounds
Take careful aim.

Before the cut off
Unblemished skin
The blade is sharpened
As the whetstone spins.

Before the ashes, fire;
Before the storm, the
Uneasy quiet.
Before the fox, the hunt;
Before death, sweet life.
Before the cut, the knife
Sharpened upon the
Spinning whetstone.

Before love, the
Queasy and the
Nauseous rumbling

Of a hopeful heart.


Before the smile, cry
Before the walk, crawl,
Before the run, take few steps once more
Before the light, there is endless night

Before success, failure cease
Before praise, criticism face
Before pleasure, there is deep nuisance
these all are part of life, the name of a game

Before the rain, earth cries like a thirsty girl
Before the tears of happiness, there is a fake smile of lust
Before the cool breeze of spring, winter bites bones
Before the light of hope, there is darkness of gloom

Before friend, stranger
Before healing heart, there is a wounded soul
Before  love, the queasy  rumbling of a hopeful core.
Before the peaceful sleep, there is a night full of dreams.


 ( Note: This poem is a joint venture, which have been written by me and Dennis McHale. He has a wonderful poetry blog  The Winter Bites My Bones. If you are a lover of poetry then please visit  this blog for a marvelous experiences. Thanks Dennis for giving me  special privilege of working with you. )

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10 Responses to Before

  1. joseasanoj says:

    Supriya, you are amazing… I mean the post 😀 .. Cheers

  2. Hardik Gohil says:

    This is join venture turning out in wonderful poem and I’m so happy… 🙂

  3. Pat says:

    Lovely poem and picture. Thank you Supriya and Dennis.

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