Pain of betray

The pain of betrayal is deep
It will take time to heal,
With time the wound will fill
But the scar will never leave,

I have to live with it,
Learn how to deal.

I forget trust is an expensive thing,
then why I expect this from a cheap.
I cried aloud,
My heart was full of grief.

Cheating may be only a word for a cheater
But it tear apart the person who thought
Trust was the only thing that matter

It was not your fault that you cheat me
It was mine that I allow you to be a part of my dreams
Don’t cheatΒ 
it shattered lives


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19 Responses to Pain of betray

  1. Passion says:

    So deep in thoughts !

  2. mayankimd1 says:

    yes lives do shatters when cheaters enters in them….

  3. My Say says:

    cheating indeed shatters dreams and halts lives … for a while !! relevant to the theme !! best of luck for the contest ! πŸ™‚

  4. Gaurav says:

    Just so touched what make you write that who betrayed? ?

  5. Somethings can’t be controlled no matter what.Such are the matters or relations and heart.

  6. Indira says:

    You said it, its we who allow others to cheat us. Lovely poem.

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    • supriya says:

      Thank you, I will definitely read the post of my fellow participant and do voting for the deserving one.And hoping I too get some votes for my work πŸ™‚

  8. Nice poem… cheating hurts especially in relationships…

    Dropping by : 110 CC challenge – Writing on the go

  9. hitesh says:

    Pain of betrayed is known only to whom who has experienced it..its a bitttter feeling in world….

    Thanks mem
    N srrry 4 wishing u late AAA vvv sry 4 it
    Happy belated bdae…

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