Different season of my Life

I opened my eyes one fine day. I realized I born today. Mother nature was holding me in her arms. I felt a kind of warmness but soon that warmness turn into heat. I felt that I am standing in fire. Though that heat making me suffer and I was feeling a pain but in middle of that I felt a cool breeze under the shadow of a tree.

I asked Mother Nature, “ What is it?”
She replied, “ This is SUMMER.”
I said, “ I don’t like summer. Its too hot.”
Mother Nature said, “ But you do like the cool breeze.”
I said, “ Yes, I do”
Mother Nature said, “ Whether you like it or not summer will come. The heat that you felt is the suffering and pain,which is necessary for the growth of soul. Like the star which shine brighter in the darkest night.
The cool breeze, which you felt under the shadow of a tree, is LOVE. At the time of adversity love will only be that stand by you. At that time only, you will able to know who are truest to you.”

“ Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer’s year – it brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul.”

I was at my youth when the first time I walked bare foot in the rain. My heart was full of love, passion and excitement. The whole universe looked beautiful. The drop of rain-washed everything the dirt, dust, darkness and impurity of earth. It seemed like earth was getting ready for her beloved.

I asked Mother Nature, “What is it?”
She said, “ This is MONSOON.”
I said, “ I just love it. Everything looks so beautiful.”
Mother Nature said, “ Monsoon is essential for earth, without the drops of rain everything on earth would die. Similarly, love & hope is essential for the soul in its absence a soul will die.”
I asked, “ But I saw that after some time, the rain stops and all its water vanish, then how earth able to alive?”
Mother Nature explained, “ Earth has a wonderful quality of soaking. She absorbs all water, which she needs to grow and at another time when there is no rain she is able to nourish herself with that saved water. Love is also like rain, can nourish from above. But sometimes under the angry heat of life, love dries on the surface and must nourish from below  tending to its roots keeping itself alive.”

       “ Allow your soul to dance on the rhythm of rain.” 

I became a mature lady, not a young girl anymore. I saw many things in life; sorrow along with happiness, feel pain with pleasure. Having some good memories along with bad ones. I was feeling heaviness in my heart and with that burden it was difficult for me to move on. I decided to go for a walk where I saw the road was full of  dry leaves. Trees were looking naked without any leaf and flower. I never saw them like this before.
I asked Mother Nature, “ What is it?”

Mother Nature replied, “ This is AUTUMN
I said, “ I am terrified by this. Are all these tress going to die?”
Mother Nature said, “ Beginning seems scary to the most. These trees are here to teach you one of the most important lessons and that lesson is how to let go. Until we allow the old one to go, the new one can’t come. From outside these trees look like they are dying but in reality they are making themselves ready to welcome new life, which can only be possible when they allow the old leaf to go.”


 “Autumn comes with fallen dry leaves so that we can learn to let go is a sign of growth not a painful dream”

Time was moving with its speed. I was getting older with each passing day. Though I learned how to face suffering, how to love and how to let go, but there were many things which I still need to know. I was feeling extreme coldness around me, sometime that coldness made me numb. That time I burn fire where I found little warmness.
I asked Mother Nature, “ What is it?”
She replied, “This is WINTER.”
I said, “ I understand due to my old age I am feeling such coldness. I don’t like winter much.”
She said, “ But you do like the warmness of fire.”
I said, “ Yes, I do.”
She said further, “ Like other season whether you like it or not winter will come. The extreme coldness that you felt it not due to old age as only body gets older. Time has never able to bind soul & heart in any limit. At this moment you stopped living. You don’t accept the challenges of life, by thinking that you are now old, so life itself no longer challenges you. The warmness comes from your memories and dreams that you once had. Rekindle the fire of your passion if you want to survive in the winter of life.”

  “ Keep creating new memories, they will warm you in the cold night of winter.

I forgot my age. I was feeling I born once again. I looked around everything seems new and refreshing. I heard the song of birds and saw the trees were dancing along with the tune. Butterflies were kissing flowers.
I asked Mother Nature, “ What is it?”
Mother Nature replied, “ This is SPRING”
I said, “ Its adorable. I am feeling a new life born inside me.”
Mother Nature said, “Spring wakes up Nature.  In spring, the trees bring new leaves on their delicate branches. The fields grow new grass and the entire Nature becomes green and fresh looking. The cuckoo sings in great joy. Pleasant breeze brings a soft touch with an aroma of romance. The sky becomes cloudless, the rivers murmur mildly. Nature joyfully announces: “The spring is in”!”

I asked, “ If spring is so good then why it came so late in my life.”
Mother Nature explained, “ My dear child all seasons have something to offer. The seasons are the emotions of the time.  Every season comes and goes this all are part of a cycle.  When you able to understand this you will able to accept and adore every season.  If you had no summer, you wouldn’t appreciate monsoon so much. If you had no winter, the spring wouldn’t be so pleasant; if you did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.


“The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring. “

These are different season of my life which make me remind what once  Yoko Ono said,

“Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.

Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.”

(Note: All pictures ( expect the fourth one) have taken from my friend’s blog. Hardik Gohil has a beautiful photographic blog. The way I see it. Please visit this blog for a  fascinating experience, his blog has all colors of life.)

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31 Responses to Different season of my Life

  1. Hardik Gohil says:

    I’m speechless… just 2 words really need to say from bottom of my heart… THANK YOU 🙂

  2. supriya says:

    My heart accept this completely 🙂

  3. ChBeautifully writen… Everything in nature has got such a perfect meaning…

    • supriya says:

      Thank you so much dear for your lovely comment and indeed nature has perfect meaning for everything and mother nature is the perfect teacher.
      Lots of good wishes and love. 🙂

  4. seeker says:

    This is awesome. Happy Birthday to you. Let me see, I’ll find you a belated birthday song. Stay tuned.

  5. seeker says:

    Reblogged this on theseeker and commented:
    “Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.
    Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.
    Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
    Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.”

  6. Coach Muller says:

    VERY cool picture!! I love stuff like that!!

  7. 1annecasey says:

    Beautiful story and stunning images, perfectly matched.

    • supriya says:

      Thanks dear for your appreciation and for the image credit goes to my friend Hardik though I added all these image without his permission ( it was a surprise for him). And I am glad along with him all my readers like this one.:)

  8. Funny, I felt you wrote this for me! I will start my 484-mile Camino walk tomorrow from France to Spain. Will take your message with me. See you in 30-60 days. It’s cold today in France, it seems all seasons are one.

    • supriya says:

      Love your comment. Its great if you felt that I wrote it for you. A writer real achievement is that when every reader feel that the writer wrote specially for him/her.
      Good luck for you walk, hoping to see you again on my blog have a great time. Enjoy every season. 🙂

  9. Indira says:

    Beautiful post with beautiful pictures to go with it. Wish I could write like this.

    • supriya says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment and its the encouragement of my readers which help me to keep going on the path which I choose for my self.:)

  10. Wow, such an evocative and beautiful post. Thank you so much for the pingback.

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  13. hitesh says:

    Every season has different qualities….v have to enjoy each of them

    Thanks mem:)

  14. pkipp says:

    Wow, this is stunningly beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing your gift. I am honored that you chose to share the link to my post as well.

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