Best Birthday Gift

It was my sixteenth birthday. Anyone can imagine how much special a sixteenth birthday could be for a girl. At that age one has lots of dreams, passion and enthusiasm in heart. Life has changed from Barbie doll to be a Barbie for someone special. The most exciting phase of one’s life where you want to embrace the whole world in your arms.

But these were just mere words for me at that time. Rather then be happy, do planning of how could I celebrate my birthday, whom should I invite or which dress should I wear. I was standing near the window and watching the sea from the home of my granny.

I was feeling lonely, angry and at the same time I want to shout and scream specially on my fate. I was an abandoned child. My granny took my responsibility. We were poor and money like other poor was always an issue. One, who has to think about her daily meal, has no right to think how she can celebrate her birthday.

In my miserable life the only blessing was my two elder brothers who loved me like their own kid. They can do anything just to see me happy but as like us they too were poor hardly earn enough money to fulfill their own needs. They had nothing to give me apart from their love. Both did the job of waiters in the best restaurant of our city.

Before two days the most charming boy of our class, whom I had a big crush, had celebrated his birthday in that restaurant where he invited everyone including me. I was feeling on the top of the world. But all my happiness vanished in a second when my big bro told me that they get the charged of his birthday party. I made an excuse that I had a stomach pain and due to that I couldn’t attend the party.
How could I face my friend! What they think about me! My brothers are waiter and serving them like servants in my would be love birthday party. I felt pity. Why I born in a world where I can’t go to a party & celebrate my own birthday.

My thoughts were interrupted by granny, who knows how I was feeling. She tried to make me cheer up and said, “ Don’t be sad dear. We will celebrate your birthday in the evening. We will go to the beach, have a horse ride, eat your favorite ice cream and your brothers also join us after they come back from their work. We all have fun! Trust me.”

I don’t know how to explain her that I am not a six-year-old little girl who can celebrate her birthday with a horse and a cone of ice cream. But didn’t want to hurt her so I smiled and nodded in agreement. Unwillingly I get ready to go with granny; my brothers didn’t wish me, as they had to leave early morning for work.

At beach I saw a small place near tears were decorated with flowers and little colorful bulbs. I saw some wooden chairs and tables were placed in a beautiful manner. Before I can understand what was going on. My granny blind fold me and took me with her.

After some time I heard, “Happy birthday to you” and when I opened my eyes, I was astonished by the view. My brothers were wearing a chef coat, holding a birthday cake in their hand and smiling. Along with them my friends were there, smiling and singing the birthday song.

I was so surprised that I was unable to say anything but the surprised was yet not finished. I saw my crush and master chef of that restaurant whom I admire the most as I too want to be a world famous chef one day.
He was wishing me and saying “ Happy birthday Angel. May god bless you! You have the best brothers in the world.”
I had tears in my eyes I ran and hugged my lovely brothers. Master chef also told me that just for me, my brother requested him to make them cook in his kitchen and due to that he was able to know that he had two talented chefs working in his restaurant as waiters.

That was my best birthday though after that one I had many birthday but that was the most memorable one. We all had lots of fun. At the end of that evening my granny gave me a photography where my brothers were making dish for me in their chef coat and told me something, which I will never forget.
She said, “ My dear, like you everyone like gifts. Everyone feels happy when they get a gift but you know which is the best gift of this word.”
I said, “ No I don’t know.”
She said, “The best gift you can give or get from someone is time because you’re giving something that you will never get back. Nothing can take the place of memories, which you create, the feeling you always have in your heart. These are the best gift.

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13 Responses to Best Birthday Gift

  1. rockettattoo says:

    Oh wow this story is so sweet! Very Lovely

  2. Hardik Gohil says:

    Your every post is a gift for me 🙂

  3. Ajay Gabrani says:

    Lovely Story……. 🙂

  4. Pat says:

    What a lovely story Supriya — I could understand your tender teenage painful emotions. I’m glad your family and friends cared and loved you so much to take you out of that and show you how much you meant to them. 🙂

    • supriya says:

      Thank you so much dear, you always bring smile on my face by your lovely comment. But for you information its not my personal story. I wrote this story for weekly writing challenge & its a fiction. I am blessed with a lovely family where I have my lovely parents, one elder brother, his wife and an angel like niece.
      Good wishes to you and May god bless you and your love ones. 🙂

      • Pat says:

        You’re welcome Supriya. I’m sorry – I thought it was personal. That’s how good it was. Whether your personal story or not, it was touching and real as if it was yours.

        Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Celebrating the sixteenth birthday of a loved one can be an enjoyable experience if you use the sweet 16 party ideas and seek the help of family and friends to throw a surprise party.

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