Wonderful Presents

No one can escape themselves from the charm of presents. I am too under its spell. On 25th May I celebrated my__th birthday. Wait! Wait! I am not going to break the rule, which was made by my ancestor ( Specially by ladies) that never tell you real age to anyone 😀

Anyways I am  a believer that age is just a number and we should live and celebrate each day of our life as we just born. Today I want to tell you about the unusual  and the most memorable presents I have got on my birthday. But before that I would like to say thanks to everyone who gave me their precious good wishes, love and blessings from bottom of my heart. Thank you so much.

Now let me tell you about the presents. The very first present was given by me to myself in form of a post which I wrote & published on the day of my birthday “Different season of my life” I never made any expectation as I believe unexpected things gives you more happiness than the expected one and this belief of mine proved right when I got great response on my post and that make my birthday more memorable.

The second present came in form of a poem,which one of my sweet readers wrote for me. His name is Gaurav  Menda . I am going to share his poem here, hope you all enjoy it as I did.

Your dreams
It’s your dreams, make them feel,
the real things, just follow your dreams.
Your dreams will guide you,
never let it down for new,
they can ask for sacrifice,
but if you follow will make you surprise.
As the time will pass,
your thoughts will pass, but just move in the way,
where your dreams take.
People will block your view,
just increase your flame, give wings to the fire,
your dreams will admire.
Never blame on your thoughts, avoid all the flocks,
you had to decide,
Your dreams will be your side.

Now comes the third one. I received three lovely awards from two sweet fellow bloggers Theseeker and Juned. Believe me friends you made my day and I truly felt blessed that I got privilege to be a little part of your world. These awards are :

I am going to do a quick  view and write the rules here:

The rules for the nomination are:-

  • Post the logo.
  • Accept the nomination and link back to the blog that nominated you.
  • Nominate blogs and inform them of the nomination.
  • Post seven random facts about yourself.blog-best-moment-2013-may-28-from-julianne
    sunshine-awardMy nominees are:
    * The Way I see it
    *Misifusa’s Blog
    *Simply Charming
    *Land of Love
    * Awake to life
    *Grow your life & Soul – DL. Cloe
    Hope you too share this happiness with your fellow bloggers.I believe for enjoying a book you should read it slowly that how you can learn and enjoy it thoroughly, the same thing apply on me. My life is like a big book, which I want to read and share little by little. So next time I will say some thing about me.

    Now back to the wonderful presents I got. The last but definitely not the least present or I will say one of the most precious gift I ever get is a poem which my lovely blogger friend Dennis wrote about me. I am overwhelmed by his generosity and didn’t get the words in which I can describe my feelings, My world would be incomplete without my  family, friends & readers.
    Thank you so much. Love you all.

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15 Responses to Wonderful Presents

  1. Indira says:

    Hi Supriya, Belated greetings for your Birthday. I didn’t know about that. Good wishes for your shining future. Congrats. for deserving awards. Poem is very nice.

  2. Gaurav Menda says:

    Congratulations for the awards ..
    And keep writing

  3. mayankimd1 says:

    congrats miss…

  4. Hardik Gohil says:

    Many Many Congratulations and many more to come… 🙂

  5. hitesh says:

    Congo mem 4 awards
    U r NW my award winning mem
    Keep it up…!!

  6. hitesh says:

    N this: is just beginning of winning ur awards picture to abi baaki hai….:p

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