First drop of rain

First drop of rain
comes to remove all stain
That I carried in my heart,
It made me realize
Every feeling has its own life
It comes and goes
sometime I understand it
Sometime I don’t know how to show.
Rain give reason to everyone,
Some rejoice, feel happy
While others like to hide their pain
Behind the drops of rain,
As no one able to see
The tears shed from eyes
They make themselves strong enough
to give fake smile.
First drop of rain comes
kiss the beloved earth
for it she waited enough,
This teaches me a wonderful lesson
Even this shall be passed
I have to be patient. 
Love is too like these drops of rain
Gives new life to this girl
who found herself 
in search of her true love.
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6 Responses to First drop of rain

  1. Prateek says:

    Great lines..

  2. gurtejthegps says:

    Awesome lines, reminded me of my own poem on first rain . Though I never finshed the poem, but it was similar to yours. Really liked the last two paras of your poem

  3. Salman says:

    Wonderful poetry, Reposted on I Love To Walk In Rain .. 🙂

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