An Unknown Girl

black,and,white,butterfly,shadow,silhouette,woman-0dca4424bfe3d0d86fe6cf494232af62_mAn unknown girl,
Does selfish love,
makes you feel 
that you are her world

Behind her beauty
there are so many unsaid words,
hidden meanings reside there
no one knows how she loves.

Darkness looks bright
Pain seems pleasant
Useeable show itself
You find a deep sense of pleasure

You can see heaven in her eyes,
You feel an intense desire to be with her,
In her presence you can find everything
Once you could imagine even for a while.

Passion flows in your veins
when she kisses you
you get new wings
You can feel its hard to go afar.

She takes your hand,
makes you alive,
gives you a feeling 
that you never describe.

She is mysterious
Her heart is full of love,
She has eyes that can penetrate
the soul of a hurt.

Willingfully waiting for you
 Wants to give you her love
like a dream comes true,

Pour it in your vacant heart
And still you feel the thirst of love.

This thirst makes you 
to go in search of her
where you find no one 
as she is an unknown girl 
who does selfish love.


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