Story of a traveler

    “May came home with a
Smooth round stone
      As small as a world and
As large as alone”
               E.E CUMMINGS

Hello my lovely readers, writing after a short break. I missed it just like a thirsty man who misses every single drop of water.
So I thought I should write about something that I learned during the past few months.

My today’s story is dedicated to a city that calls me from a distant place. A city which never stops or sleep…. Mumbai (India)………HAPPY READING.

” Life is a journey we all need to travel”


I entered in the drawing room of my grand parent’s home, shouting, “hey grandpa where are you? Are you ready for the interview?

I was doing journalism and for my project I want to wrote a story about travelling & traveler and no one could be better than my grandpaa as he was a crazy traveler. Yes, he is crazy, he almost traveled every part of this earth.

His favorite quote was, “The world is like a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

I shouted again.
Grandma  replied,” He went for a walk, just wait a while he is about to come.”
After a while he has come. As always he was looking great at age of 85. He was quite handsome.
I askedto grandpa, ” Are you ready for the interview? I really want to make this project the best one.
He said, “I would love to help you. Ask what you need to know.”
I said, ” Let’s begin with the beginning.  We all know that you are in love with travelling. And I want to publish a story of a traveler.”
Grandpa begins his story or I would say he began to tell the story of a traveler.

This story begins when I was a little boy. I was  around ten years old when first time I travelled with my father. We went to a little town, but that experience changed something inside me. New places, people, their custom, new surrounding,  new languages everything  have new life and I just love that feeling.

One day in school my teacher asked what we want to be and my answer was I wanted to be a traveler. Everyone laughed at me.
My teacher then said,” No one can do anything being a traveler. ”
I didn’t care what others say or think about me, my only aim was to be a traveler. But who could allow a little boy to see this big world alone.
Everyone opposes but at age of fifteen, I ran away from home. And start travelling, during that 6 to 7 years I almost cover half part of the glob. I saw many new places, met different kind of persons, learned new languages along with adopted many good and bad habits.

Though I was doing which I always want to do, but there was a feeling of  restlessness, an uneasiness which keeps making me sick. I was in search of something. ….. Something, about which I don’t know. In that search I reached in a distant village. Where I met a Sufi saint.

I told him about my quest. He listened and after some time, he said, ” You’re still a tourist not a traveler my son.”
I asked what is the difference between a tourist and a traveler.

” The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to seewas his reply.

I asked, ” Would you tell me how could I become a traveler? ”
No, I can’t tell you that I can just help you to show the right path. Go back and live a few months at such a place where people take temporary shelter, then travel  through, first from bus, train and at the end of the ship after one year I will meet you at the same place. Hope you get what you are looking for. Just remember one thing. …..

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

After that conversation I take the leave. I did as the saint told me. I spent  six months in a temporary shelter made for travelers.  People come and go, some were friendly, some didn’t take much interest. Many times I talked to them, try to understand  from where they are coming and where are they going.

The season has passed & I started my journey again.
We met again. The  saint said, ” you seem different. Did you find what you were searching for?”

I replied calmly, ” My search is still going on but I found the answer of my questions. ”
So what you  have to share with me asked the saint.
I said,” you know, I learned three major things.

First, everything is temporary.
Second, the great affair is to move on.
Third, it made me modest. I got to know what a tiny place I ocuppy in this world.

Travelling and especially that temporary shelter in which you told me to spend time has taught me many unsaid lessons about life.

I met many people some I really liked, some I didn’t & if I say frankly, I fall in love with a few. Some hadn’t taken any interest other hurt me with their selfish behavior, but in the end all those emotion, not leave any great impact on me as I know that these people are here just to go.
The same thing is applicable on life. If we accept the truth that the present moment is the only thing we have then only we able to enjoy and continue our journey peacefully.

If I stick to that place I never able to see what this world has to offer me. Keep moving on is the only mantra of this journey. Likewise, in life too, many times something happens which hold us, we are not able to get out of that situation at that time we forget that  even water start stinking if it stop flowing.

And in the end through this experience I am able to know who I am & what I have to offer to this world in return.

I said, ” Thank you, if you haven’t suggested me to experience all this then I never able to know the truth. But I am still not able to get why you told me to travel through different means of transportation. ”

Saint smiled and say, ” I am happy for you, but as you said the great affair is to move. Yes, keep moving on is the main thing about this journey, but with that we need stability too, hope one day you find that stability too. And the reason of different means of transportation is to make the thing symbolize that in whatever way you travel or live your life in the end we all going to meet the same destination …….before  you go just remember one thing which I am going to tell you….  ..  .   
“It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end… .   HAPPY JOURNEY”

That’s my story, the story of a traveler

I was  mesmerized by it, but still have a question. Did you find stability, which the saint was talking about?

“Yes, I have when I met your Grandma”. He said cheerfully

You know my son, life is not a road full of roses, but a path where you meet thorns too. On this journey many times you stumble, but to avoid the fall you need someone’s hand to hold you and that work will be done by your beloved.

NOTE: Hope you enjoy reading this story so please give your feedback and help me to improve as the …journey just begin.

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9 Responses to Story of a traveler

  1. gauravmenda says:

    Finally reading your post
    Keep moving forward
    outstanding must say
    Really awesome
    love to read your posts.
    Keep it up.

  2. Hiya Samria says:

    After a long time… The most awaited blog… N finally a blockbuster…
    Liked it a lot ❤

  3. Hardik Gohil says:

    Hi Supriya,
    Finally you are back with bang!!
    I’ve read your story and believe me when I’m saying this, it really helps me to move forward in life rather than just hold on to our feelings or people.
    Love to have you back. Mind blowing beginning.
    Keep writing.

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