A letter to my child

Hello readers, when a lady becomes a mother then her life has changed forever. Her child means the world for her. Many writers, novelist, poets have written countless time about the mother, but very few explain the feelings of a father. Like a woman a man’s life too changed when he becomes a father.

So today I want to share what a father wants to say to his child; through my post in which he is writing a letter to his child.


My lovely child

I am taking the time to write this letter to you today, just to tell you that your father loves you more than anything. Though you are still the safest place of the earth (in your mother’s arm) I believe that one day you will read this letter and understand the true feeling of your dad.

My dad used to say “Anyone can become a father, but it takes a real guts to a man who can become a dad. Son you will get to know that when you become a father by yourself”.
And believe me today I can understand this very well what my dad meant.

The day your mother told me that you are coming was one of the most memorable day of my life. Though I couldn’t feel you inside my body, but believe me, you grow in my heart.
I still remember when you first kick in your mother’s womb, that day I said to God….. God, if you can make me a woman just for nine months then it will be a bless as I want to feel my child inside me. But the day I hold you in my arms something has changed inside me forever.

I might sound little mad, but to become a father is an unexplainable feeling. A man always presents himself like a big unshakable mountain, but a father is like a tree always there to give shadow to his children.

The day you born, I too take a new birth. You gave me new life and a new reason to live. Through this letter I want to tell you about many things which you by yourself learn throughout your journey.

First of all neither you nor me will able to meet each other without your mother. She will always be the first lady whom you should love & respect.

At the time of your birth many new relations have also born with you.  Every relation has its own place and importance in our life so learn how to give love, respect & compassion to each and everyone.

My dear child when I sum up everything I can tell you life is a name of learning. Everything that happens, everyone you will meet give you a chance to learn something valuable. Sometime it teaches in a hard way, but it’s up to you, how you take the lesson. It is a never ending journey that is filled with shades of gray.

You have to learn that all men are not true but for every scoundrel there is a hero; that for every enemy there is a friend. Everything in this world is beautiful but not everyone has the eyes to see ot. You need to develop those eyes through which you can see the good in people and appreciate them.

You will learn loosing is as important as winning. You have to learn how to accept your mistake and enjoy your success. You will learn that there is a magic world of books, but along with that also learn what nature wants to teach us.

People will say different things to you, learn how to listen as the most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to hear them, but also learn how to filter all that you hear on a screen of truth.

To be emotional and sensitive is not a weakness; there is no shame in tears but be aware that others do not take advantage of this. There is a secret of quiet laughter use it when you feel sad.

Everyone is doing business here, so learn how to sell your brawn and brain, but never put a price tag on your heart and soul. Learn that the test of fire makes fine steel so never afraid of the struggle.

These all things take time, don’t  be in rush enjoy this beautiful journey.

It is a saying, ‘A child is a father of the man’ so we both learn and share many things together. I may not be always there to teach you, but I  will always be there to guide, share and grow with you.

Love you
Always yours


Nothing I’ve ever done has given me more joy and rewards than being a father of my children”

Note: Dedicated to all lovely fathers of this world.

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6 Responses to A letter to my child

  1. Hardik Gohil says:

    It is very emotional for me coz one of my friends just lost her father few days back. I want to dedicate this letter to her and her father.

    Exceptionally written.

    Thank you.

  2. Indira says:

    It’s a lovely tribute to a father. I lost mine when I was 20.

  3. Gaurav Menda says:

    Beautiful Supriya
    Feeling good to see your post
    Keep writing

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