Hello readers, many times in our lives, we face hard time at that time we need a helper, someone who can give his helping hand and support us in tough situations.
Sometime we become the helper, sometime, someone else play this role.

As I believe everything happens for a reason and everything has a hidden message through which we can learn great things. So I wrote a little story. Hope you like it.


The forest was dark. Me  and my friends had come there for camping. We all were enjoying born fire, singing songs under open skies. Everything seems so beautiful.

Suddenly the air filled with terror, when we heard the cry of someone. One of my friend suggest we should go there and see might be someone need our help.

So we went there from where the sound was coming. There was a well, an empty well. We checked inside, it was dark, but someone was there as we were able to hear snobs.

We lighted our torch, we saw an image when we focused our lights. There was a boy sitting in the bottom of the well. We said we will help him, we throw our tracking rope inside it.

That boy was very frightened he didn’t stand up and move from his place. To catch the rope he needs to stand up, but he refuses to do so.

We kept trying to talk with him. He was scared, we know that so after an hour of struggle he ready to stand up and after some time he manage to come out of that well.

When he became calm down. He told us that he is a village boy who lost his way. I want to know a thing which was striking in my mind.  Why he denied to stand up when he knows we can save his life.

I asked and the reply was simple, “I was afraid  before you came I hold a snake in illusion of rope, but from god grace he was not poisoned. But that experience made me terrified.”

After that incident, we came back. I was a student of human resources and I have a keen interest in humans. I was struggling with a personal issue that time and along with that I had you prepare a project I chose the topic “FEAR”. As I felt it is one of the biggest factors which stops us to achieve great things.

I took the example of that boy and prepared my project. I illustrate that story with a different perspective.

In our life many times we find our self lost, not able to take  a right or any kind of decision. Most of the time the thing which works behind that is FEAR. 
Many times we face a problem where we find no way out, like that boy who was unable to find any way out from the well.
But still we hope that someone comes and rescue, most of the time that doesn’t happen because only YOU CAN HELP YOUR SELF.


” To help yourself, you must be yourself. Be the best that you can be. When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick yourself up and move on.”

I learned that the boy was scared as he had a past experience of taking wrong decision of holding a snake that’s why he was afraid to hold the rope which looks like a snake.

The same things happen to all of us. Our past experience has a huge impact on our way of thinking and if we allow fear to be its companion than the result will always be bad.

That boy understood that as we keep motivating him. He stands up. He chose to face his fear. He then took a stick and hit the rope just to make sure that this time he was not making the same mistake. We hadn’t saved his life he himself saved by showing his courage.

That incident taught me many things about human nature and about my own self. I am adding up all that in following point.

* Its far better to take a wrong decision than not taking any decision at all.

* We grow from our mistakes. Good judgment comes from experience, experience comes from making mistakes and mistakes comes from bad judgment.

*Never blame yourself. Learn from your past experience not dwell there.

* Don’t be fearful by fear. Face it. It will make you courageous.

Last thing… a helper first help yourself then others as it said, ” we can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.”


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