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An Unknown Girl

An unknown girl, Does selfish love, makes you feel  that you are her world Behind her beauty there are so many unsaid words, hidden meanings reside there no one knows how she loves. Darkness looks bright Pain seems pleasant Useeable … Continue reading

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I Am Free

I am free, lost in my world a fallacious soul who loves to wander. But now I am free, full of love in search of light which bright me up. With a touch of love I can do wonders,   … Continue reading

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First drop of rain

First drop of rain comes to remove all stain That I carried in my heart, It made me realize Every feeling has its own life It comes and goes sometime I understand it Sometime I don’t know how to show. … Continue reading

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Through the door, I saw him

I opened the door Time took me where once I lost, A little part of mine need to find I became a little girl once again. The playground where I used to play Waiting for me to be with it … Continue reading

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A day with Love

I couldn’t believe on my eyes. Everything seems so magical that’s made me unable to express my feelings in words. I had never seen such beautiful view in my life. It seems like waterfall was playing music, birds were singing, flowers were dancing … Continue reading

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Midas Touch

Hello readers, we all heard the story of King Midas who was a follower of Dionysus, and was rewarded by Dionysus with the gift of making everything he touched turned into gold. It was an old fable. But  I have … Continue reading

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