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Golden Watch

Standing alone in a corner, watching everyone having fun in the party. I was silently looking at him. He was the man whom I loved the most. For him I left everything and everyone. Life seemed beautiful when I was … Continue reading

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Love gave me Life

Love gave me life, Never allow to die, It hold my hand when time was wrong Hug me like a baby when I don’t want to carry on. It gives new meaning to my life, Love gave me a new … Continue reading

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I never saw God

I never saw God, But I saw you, I came to this world Living a life full of wonders Just because of you. I always feel secure Under the shadow of yours, An essential part of my world belongs to … Continue reading

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Be a friend

Be a friend. You don’t need money; Just a disposition sunny; Just the wish to help another Get along some way or other; Just a kindly hand extended Out to one who’s unbefriended; Just the will to give or lend, … Continue reading

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A day with Love

I couldn’t believe on my eyes. Everything seems so magical that’s made me unable to express my feelings in words. I had never seen such beautiful view in my life. It seems like waterfall was playing music, birds were singing, flowers were dancing … Continue reading

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Right Investment

Hello readers, we all want a secure and happy future for ourselves and for our family. To fulfill this dream we do the hard work but only hard work is not enough, investment is also necessary. A good investment today … Continue reading

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A Journey from a Girl to become a woman

O woman, you are not merely the Handiwork of God, but also of men; These are ever endowing you with Beauty from their hearts. Poets are weaving for you a web With threads of golden imagery; Painters are giving your … Continue reading

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Not Alone

Hello readers, there is a saying that a single picture is more worthy than 1,000 words it is true but its also true its  not what you look at its what you see. We all look at the same picture & … Continue reading

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Hello readers, today I would like to begin with a quote of Mother Terrace “Hunger for Love is much more difficult to remove than Hunger for Bread” It was difficult for me to understand this as my logical mind always … Continue reading

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Hello readers, many times in life we feel deeply hurt. Internal hurt is more painful than external hurt as no one able to see that the heart is crying and it will be more difficult if you are a sensitive … Continue reading

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