When success meets me

Hello readers, ‘ You have to be successful in whatever work you do.’ This was the first line that I heard when I entered high school from my teacher. He was right, as there is no place for a failure in this world. But it took me a lot of time to clearly understand the concept of “SUCCESS.”

Today’s post is all about success.


I stood first in class. People congrats me on my success.
But did I really succeed?
I came second in race. People congrats me on my success.
But did I really succeed?
I got a good job. People congrats me on my success.
But did I really succeed?
I was earning a good amount of money. Getting promotion, increment. People again congrats me and said that I am successful.
But the question still exist did I really succeed?
This question always disturbed me. I never understand when should I call my self a successful person. What is success? I want my questions to be answered. For that one day I shared this with one of my senior colleague.
He advised me to go and meet a person whom he learned many things about life. As I desperately want to know about it I immediately booked my ticket and went.
I went to a small remote place where the taxi driver leaves me in front of an old post office. The person whom I came to meet was an old postmaster.

I was skeptic and the first thought which came in my mind was, ‘ Is this man going to tell me about success?’
The old man greeted me and asked me that am I the person who wants to know about success.
I nodded in agreement.
He said, “Hmmm…..Before I start telling you about success please make your mind clear that success has nothing to do with profession.”
I said, “Okay”

Then let’s go.
We sat under a big tree.
He said, “I love nature. Nature has all the answers which we human never able to find in our self created world.”
I told him about my confusion and the feeling of uneasiness about success. He patiently listened and after a few second. He said, “ I am going to explain you about success step by step.”
I nodded.

What is Success?

Success is achieving the thing you want.

Whatever you want to achieve when you achieve it then you are successful. Suppose, you want to pass an exam when you passed it you can call your self successful.

Define success.
Success mean different from person to person. For most of the people success is the name of money. The more money one has the more he called successful. But it is only one side of the picture. For some people to be happy, for others to be famous. For instance, self-mastery and peace of mind are the things, which I want to achieve and this is success for me.
We all have to decide what success is for us. And remember, we may change what we think success is at different times in our lives. But don’t allow others to define success for you as it is not necessary what the society and people think about success is what you think.

I said, “ I got your point. You know when I was in school I really want to be a pianist. But my family and friends told me that being a pianist I would never able to earn lots of money and never be a successful man. Though in my heart I knew that I would be happy if I follow my dream.”

He said, “ You see that was my point at crucial point of our life we have to define our own success as I said success is differ from person to person.”

How to achieve success?
Swami Vivekanand had defined it more clearly when he said, “ Take up one idea, make that idea your life. Think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea and just leave other idea alone. This is the way to success.”
Before anything you want to achieve you have a dream to fulfill.

Formula of Success.
There is no definite formula of success but if you really want to know then that is
D2 P2
If you able to follow these four then success will sooner or later comes to meet you and remember each one is important but the most important one is persistence.
In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength, but through persistence. – Buddha.

That’s all my friend. If  you able to define your own meaning of success, make that idea your life and follow d2P2 formula then you definitely be successful and that also makes you more successful with time.

I asked, “ What do you mean by being more successful?”
He said, “ Being more successful means getting more of what you need, whatever you think is important.”

I was glad that I took the decision of meeting this wise man. When I about to leave, he said, “ I would like to wish you good luck for your life. But remember three thing when you become successful and if you fail to do so then success will be a myth.

* Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is courage to continue that counts.
* To achieve success is easy, to maintain success is hard.
* Success will be meaningless if you not able to find someone who really happy for you.

I said, “ I will always remember these three point along with whatever I have learned from you. And I am sure you are a successful person in real sense.

He said, “ I am, but I am keep reminding my self what Albert Einstein said, “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

(Note: This post has been written by me on a special request from one of my readers. Hope I was able to do justice with this topic.  If you also have any topic on which you want me to write then please mail me at supriyaabs7@yahoo.in )

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10 Responses to When success meets me

  1. Hardik Gohil says:

    The only question comes in my mind after ever success of mine is “Am I happy?”. Great article on success and it also helped me to find a way to success in my own way. Thank you 🙂

  2. Ajay Gabrani says:

    Nyc Story On Success It Helps The People In Finding Success Who Read It……. 🙂

  3. Great story and thank you.

    Errol Clarke

  4. Pat says:

    Thank you Supriya for sharing this with us. These are beautiful and wise words by which to strive to live and remember.

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