An old lady

I was already getting late for my meeting. The person with whom I was having a meeting was an important client of our firm and if this meeting will go as I planned then I would achieve a big success in my career. My mind was kept thinking about that meeting. Though it was Sunday a holiday but in today’s working life there is no holiday.
I was on my way when I saw an old lady standing near the road. She was looking very old I feel pity for her. It was a hot summer day and she was not getting any vehicle.
I stopped my car and asked her, “ Hello madam. Do you want a lift?”
She said with a little smile on her face, “ It would be divine if you drop me near the hospital. I am standing here from an hour and not able to get any cab.”

I opened the front door of my car and let her sit.
She kept silent. I thought old people hardly like to talk but I need to divert my mind so I start talking with her.
I asked her. “ Where are you going?”
She replied, “ At my work.”
I said, “ Hmmm…. Working on Sunday. I also do but I think sometime we all need a break. You don’t believe from the last three weeks I am working like a devil without taking any leave or holiday.”
She nodded and said, “ I can understand today’s  working pressure of life. But I don’t remember when the last time I take any leave.”

I said, “ What…. What is your working time?”
She replied, “ Its 24×7”
I said annoyingly, “ That’s called exploitation.”
She said calmly, “ That’s called DUTY.”

I thought in my head such kind of employee  spoils their bosses.
For a few minutes we both became silent.
I saw she was knitting a sweater.
I asked her, “ For whom she is knitting that sweater.”
She replied, “ For my friend.”
I can say from observing that sweater her friend will hardly be more than ten years. I give a look to her. She was very old, wearing an old jacket. More than her friend I thought she needs a new jacket for herself.

I talked further. You know I have to deal with lots of people on a daily basis, some time dealing with them make me angry.
She said, “ I also deal with people but I don’t get angry as I understand they have their own frustrations and complains from life.”

I thought this lady is weird. Tried to change the topic.“ Old age is a difficult phase in one’s life. Your body doesn’t support you much. Pain, suffering, diseases and lots of wrinkles.” I said.
She smiled and said, “ These are the real achievements for me.”
We reached near the hospital and she directs me to take a right turn and asked me to stop.

When she was about to leave she said, “ Thank you so much son you helped me to reach at my destination. May god bless you.”
I nodded and said, “ No mention…. But before you leave could I know your good name please.”
She said, “ People call me with different names but my favorite one is MAA. ( Mother)”
and she leaves.
I was unable to start my car. I saw it was an orphanage where she was going.

She was so true. She was going at her work. Her work is to care and give unconditional love to her children.
She was right that’s her duty, where she never takes a leave and does it with full of compassion.
She was right in that process she herself forgets when the last time she thinks about her own self.
She was right when she said that this sweater is for her friend. She becomes a friend to her child and thinks more about him than her needs.
She was right that children have their own frustration which she take on herself without any complain & with full understanding.
She was right when she said wrinkles are her real achievements though her children forgot that she also getting old and need more care, love and compassion.
Only she can do such things as she was a MAA ( Mother)

 “Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”

I turned my car back as now I am going to meet the most important person of my life and tell her that my life is incomplete without her.

Mom, how I miss your touch
I love you so very much
The secret that  we share,
Knowing you’ve “been there”
The bond between us and our trust

So Mom, I just want to say
Have a great Mother’s day
I wish I could be there
I really care
Even though I’m miles away

Far, even far away
You make everything okay
You and only you
Can take away all my blues

Mom, you know you’re my best friend
You will be until the end
I’ll see you soon and when I do
I’ll shower all my love on you
Greater big hugs are overdue
Mom, how I miss

   – Unknown 


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9 Responses to An old lady

  1. Hardik Gohil says:

    Thank you so much for this article and specially for the poem… It made me emotional :’)

  2. hitesh says:

    Mem awesome story again…

    A service to needy is to serve god

    N haaaapppy mother’s day…

  3. tersiaburger says:

    My stepdaughter just had to say goodbye to her first ever foster son. He was an abandoned one-day old baby when he was placed in her care. To him she was him MAA. Thank you for sharing this!!

    • supriya says:

      I can understand your feeling very much dear. My Grand parents were not the biological parents of my father but I can bet no one could love him so much. My Grandma used to say I didn’t give birth to your father from my womb but I gave it from my heart. Love is the most important thing and a woman can only be a mother when she able to love a child unconditionally.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your feelings with me.
      May God bless you and your love ones 🙂

  4. Nessy San says:

    Now I am missing my mom, too… Thank you for an inspiring post! 🙂

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